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Project proposal email template example

A project proposal letter is usually one requesting funding or grants to support a project.

Such an email is written to investors and companies together with the project proposal, which is a detailed document.

With such an email you present your project, which is often included as an attachment or link, and you try to convince the reader to be a part of it.

Finding funders with project proposal emails is a great way of making your plans come true.

However, there are certain things that have to make the letter worthwhile to read, such as a captivating content.

Remember that the email doesn’t have to be long, in fact keep in short. No need to repeat what they will see in the project proposal, just describe the major outlines.


1. Describe the project shortly, mentioning the most important aspects and key factors that it has.

2. Make sure you describe the effect of the project, especially if it is a humanitarian or ecological one.

3. Be positive in the email, even if the subject is somewhat negative.

4. Don’t make the reader feel that without their help the project will fail.

5. Mention a designated time period and budget for the project. These are the most important parts in the letter.

6. The project idea should be introduced in the very beginning of the email.

7. Describe your organization in a few sentences.

8. Give further contact details besides the email address.

Project proposal email sample

Subject line

Dear Mr. Demmers,

I am writing to you to present our project of Happy Animals. This project was designed by a sub group of Green Solutions, a company that has been created to spread awareness and to promote a green lifestyle.

Happy Animals is a project we created to help free range farms by supporting them with a monthly contribution. The contribution will maintain these farms and help them grow. The aim of Happy Animals is to make the number of free range farms increase.

Please read more about the benefits and the outline of the project in the document attached. Thank you for considering investments into this project to help our cause, which is the cause of humanity.

Yours Sincerely,

George Jollie
Executive Director
Green Solutions