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Western Wedding Invitations & Decorations

If you and your future spouse love everything Western and are considering a western themed wedding, you may be at a loss about where to find cheap, or even free western wedding printables.

There are a number of places that offer some western themed invitations. However they can be costly.

You can have homemade free Western wedding printables if you make your own wedding stationary.

One of the most unique and amusing homemade western wedding invitations that I have ever seen was designed as a wanted poster.


The wording was:

A posse alive and willing
to witness the marryin’ of – - -

It was decorated with steer skulls, a rifle and a line of cowboys on horses. The card had a sepia tone and the edges were actually burned to give the invitation an antique look.

You will also find a Western clip art: Horse shoes, bucking broncos, horses, cowboy boots, badges, and lassos are just a few of the available western clip art designs.

You can use a template and text and import clip art Western images.
Once you have selected your design and text, all you need to do is set the number of copies of your cheap western wedding invitations design and hit print.

There are wedding invitation kits available for free on our site that include the cards and envelopes for your invitations, thank you cards, reception cards and the RSVP cards and more.... A niece and her fiance, who both ride in amateur rodeos and parades, designed their invitations with a silhouette of a cowboy and cowgirl against the sun.

Janet Lynn Kelly
Anthony Rosetti
invite you to help them celebrate
as they ride into the future
at their wedding
date-time-and place

Everyone loved homemade free or cheap Western wedding invitations and to no one’s surprise they arrived at the outdoor ceremony on horseback.

Download Free Wanted Western Cowboy Invitation Template

Download Free Western Barn Cowboy Invitation Template

About Western Theme Wedding

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Couples always search for some innovative and adventurous theme for their weddings. Few take to new ideas for being unique in their approach and then there are others who believe in old and enjoyable ideas whilst organizing a theme wedding. Couples who either have a liking for country or prefer dressing in Victorian style indulge in western theme weddings.

Everything is unusual from posters on the wall (that is list of guests wanted written over it) to foot tapping country music for people to dance to. The invitations could be vital if you send them as posts delivered as in any country wedding. You can arrange for cowboys hats for men as great accessories and wide lacy collar for women. Large cowboy boots would be attraction of the day if you and your bride would support them. Bandanas, leather jackets and more masculine touch can grace up men corner whilst women can enjoy lacy trims, wine and Victorian trimmings in their dresses.

One of the greatest things about this theme is it can be arranged anywhere from a simple hall to farm, garden or park. Wrought iron stands, saloon doors and horse shoe would add galore to your team theme. Music can be fun with numbers like cotton eye Joe and dancing on these would perhaps tire everyone.

Arrangements are made really easy these days as we can order supplies related with theme online and need not grow worries about arrangements for wedding. You can even go for wedding planner who emphasizes a dance choreographed and performed by the star couple of the wedding. Bonfire and barbeque steal hearts with roasted food, beans, salads and chorus music towards the end of the wedding. A Victorian wine or chocolate box wrapped in Victorian style would be great favor. A bull ride can make it an immense experience for guest to enjoy theme with difference only if budget is not a problem. Western theme takes you away from swanky hustle bustle and offers memorable moments for everyone to look back to.


Invitations for Western theme wedding are something comes to the minds of each one of us if we tend to choose this as the theme of a wedding. A Western theme is always something that involves a lot of chic and grandeur and thus it is an ultimate style statement while one chooses a theme of this stature. Be it the invitations or the decorations or be it the dressing of the couple or the others, it all calls for an ultimate style and grandness while looking into a theme like this.

As I visited the wedding of a distant friend who chose this particular theme, I got a great chance to know it more closely than ever. I must tell you that indeed it was a subtle experience and I could truly appreciate the entire occasion and the process very much and I can now relate to you some the great experiences I had about the detailing of this theme.

Invitation for Western theme wedding would mark the occasion as one of the most remarkable ones happening around. I would speak of great ideas and it would tell you about a blend of old and new, vintage and modern and all that marks the combination of heritage with modernization. Indeed it is a great theme for any person to select and a great one to explore ones creativity as well. The entire idea is to make the theme predominant in every portion from transportation like a carriage with fine horses drawing it, food with elegance and everything else. Invitation for western theme wedding calls for special attires and ones that truly mark off the cultural grandeur and thus make the event even the more special. Nothing much of over expenditure is needed for this however, but a sophisticated look makes all that matters.

The culmination of the entire ceremony lies in the invitation and thus a western style must emphasize it too! Colors of grandeur like ivory and cream with bright borders makes the entire invitation process look very elegant and classy as well. You can also look at different points like this and make your own choice of a Western theme wedding look so much perfect. Invitation for western theme wedding can be difficult to select but you can with a bit of imagination mixed with your creativity can give it the wings of perfection and thereby becomes the perfect choice of the wedding theme that you can land upon and enthrall everybody around you.


Adam Corcoran,


Download Free Printable Western Wedding Invitation Templates

Here this at they have a very special invite, the first thing that will come to mind when you see the free printable western wedding invitation idea, is wow, this is great. A down-home western wedding that will be a one of a kind occasion. The weeding will be special and the dancing might consist of line dancing country style. Now you need the themed wedding invitation and you need something affordable yet modern. Make a custom card with our template and create a vision. Your theme wedding is starting to shape up and all you need to do is print the invitations out and send them on the way to all your guests. With this done, all that is left is to get ready for the ho down.

We live in a ranch in Texas and we are what you would consider to be the cowboy types. My husband inherited the ranch from his father and all our children were raised in the ranch. They still live here and work on the ranch as real cowboys. Our whole life is centered round the ranch, and we do everything they way they had been done in the old west. Even our wedding celebrations are done the old western way. Last month my last son got married and we had a great time on the ranch. The church that we had the wedding ceremony in was almost 10 miles away. So we had a wonderful opportunity to use our 100 year old stage coach for the wedding procession from the ranch to the church. We almost felt like we had gone back in time. All of us wore proper Western clothing with a hat and boots.

To make it look even more authentic, even the pastor of the church agreed to wear an old western robe like ministers wore them in the Wild West. The only modern element in the wedding was the free printable country wedding invitations that we used to invite our guests for the wedding. Apart from that small detail, everything else reflected our good old cowboy lifestyle. In order to get our free printable country wedding invitations, we visited this site, which one of our boys had found earlier. The site has a wonderful collection of wedding invitation samples as well as other card samples for a various occasions. We were very particular about country wedding invitations but we couldn’t find them in most sites. This site however had a number of samples of country wedding invitations. Although we used the Internet for getting the invitations, we still stuck to our western style and opted for country wedding invitations.

Evelyn Barton
Mother of the Groom, TX

Download and Print Western Wedding Invitation Template 

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