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Sweet 16 Birthday Greeting Cards and Wordings

Do you have a sweet teenager, or is your teenager much more adventuresome?

If you have a sweet teenager you could consider a Sweet 16 birthday party theme that focuses around sweet activities such as a tea party or even a glamour day.

 If your teenager is much more adventurous then you could consider a paintball or even rock climbing party.

Either way you go is awesome and with some great decorations around your child and their friends are sure to have a lot of fun.

Your first task should ultimately be deciding exactly what you want to do for the party; if you are choosing a sweet approach then some cute little adorable cupcakes and cookies that match the decorations would be a great touch.

 If you are going for a paintball style party then cupcakes with a gumball or other paintball looking candy on top could be a great way to keep the food with the decorations and overall theme.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Card

Each girl only gets a single sweet 16 birthday party, so have some fun and let your imagination run wild as you look forward to planning the biggest party for your child. Look towards creative options to help keep costs under control using cheap supplies and creative decorations to help keep everyone amazed and your budget in line. You could even make the cake yourself to save money so you could splurge more on the decorations if you wanted to.

Perhaps you could even go all out and rent a band, with plenty of balloons and even some confetti if you think your child will enjoy it.

Your options are almost limitless and looking for sweet 16 birthday party theme ideas will usually leave your mind racing with even more ideas instead of helping you settle on a single theme but kick back and enjoy the party.