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Free Printable Destination Wedding Invitations

One of the biggest trends in weddings these days is the destination wedding and so there is also a trend towards destination wedding invitations.

A destination wedding is the one where a bride and groom travel to a special place.

It could be just the couple (a.k.a. eloping) or more generally includes a group of family and friends.

 Invitations for this type of wedding lend themselves to making your own unique discount wedding invitations.

The unique locations chosen provide wonderful ideas for art work and opportunities to use unique verse.

If you are interested in finding a free printable wedding invitation template this is a place for you. The templates and wedding design and ideas at this site are suitable for a variety of destinations, a tropical beach, rain forest, cruise ship, ski resort, or as some couples are opting to tie the knot in their ancestral homeland.

My friend’s daughter married her ski patrol captain. Their invitations showed crossed ski poles and snow flakes. Their destination was a famed ski resort in Colorado.

If you want to make cheap wedding invitation stationary for a beach wedding your options for graphics are almost endless, sail boats, sunsets, palm trees, shells and silhouettes against the sun or moon, the list goes on and on.

Cheap for your home made invitations does not mean low quality, only low cost. One beach destination invitation we received, read something like this:

Marissa Jacobs
Michael Freeman
Invite you to share our joy
As we enter the sea of matrimony
On day, date, time
At XXXX Beach Maui, Hawaii

Cruise ship destination invitations usually have pictures of the ship or at least a cruise ship. You can find on our site a creative wordings that can be used as is or adapted to suit your needs and preferences. You can purchase blank wedding invitation kits. These blank cards allow you to create a destination wedding invitation that is uniquely your own.

If you are looking for that special invitation that makes a statement, the printable free destination wedding invitation sample and see how easy you could make your own card and have it say exactly what you want. Forget about spending money on those expensive invites. The template for a destination wedding is just what you need to design and create a beautiful themed wedding invitation.

Once you plan your card, you can then download it to your computer and then print as many as you need. How can you possibly pass up a great saving like that? The destination is planned so your money should be spent enjoying yourself. Friends and family will love receiving a designer invitation that you created on your own. Make ten or make one hundred, after you download the card it is yours forever and no one else could possibly make a card as good as you.

Destination wedding invitation wording

A destination wedding is commonly thought to be a wedding that takes place on a beach or in the tropics. However it can be any exotic or very popular vacation site. In our parents’ day, it was Niagara Falls. If you are planning such a wedding, you may be wondering where to find just the right destination wedding invitation wording sample text.

My favorite creative sample is:

Margaret Ann Holley
Brian James Kingston
are being married
at the ABC Ranch
so don your jeans and boots
and join us
for our wedding
barbecue and line dancing
day, time, date

If you’d like to save money on your invitations, think about making them yourself. You an get design and wording ideas, plus free templates that you may use at absolutely no cost. Not only does this give you creative freedom but it is cheap when compared to the cost of having them made. You can use on line sample wording to come up with your own idea that will reflect your taste.

A couple we know got married at sunrise on the shore of a lake. They used this verse:

As the sun rises on a new day
our love will grow in a special way
Please join us as we
Rebecca Lynne Carlson
James Robert Lowe
exchange wedding vows
day, date, time
in the Gazebo
at the Lakeside Inn
city, state

Etiquette for destination wedding invitations is really no different than for other weddings. Whoever is hosting the wedding should be mentioned first. If the bride’s parents are divorced but both are sharing the cost, this would be one wording choice:

Mrs. Catherine Jennings Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown
invite you to share their joy
as their daughter
Sarah Michelle Brown
is married to
Timothy John Collins
day, date, time
Waunado Beach
Honolulu, Hawaii

Perhaps you and your fiance love to ski and plan on being married in Vail, Colorado at your favorite ski resort. For you, this would be the ultimate destination wedding. No matter what type of destination wedding you are having you can find a destination wedding invitation wording sample text that you can adapt to your particular.

Download tropical wedding invitation template

If you think your wedding theme is special when you plan a tropical wedding, then think how wonderful it is that you found our site, where we have free printable tropical wedding invitation designs for that special wedding day. Since your wedding will be tropical, you will delight your family and friends when they open a beautiful invitation that matches your theme wedding.

Are they affordable invitations, you might ask? Well you cannot get any more affordable than free. If you think a custom card meets your needs then your are all set. Just choose your design, add your verse, we have many or choose your own and add some wording. Then just print your invitations out and place in a envelope and they are on there way to your family and friends.

You will not find anything else so simple to do for your wedding day, except maybe saying, “I do.”


Free Hawaii Wedding Invitation Template

Download Free Hawaii Theme Wedding Invitation Template

Are you having a theme wedding about Hawaii or maybe your wedding is going to be in Hawaii?

Then you must look at the printable free Hawaii wedding invitation sample and see how unique and beautiful the invitation will be when you are done. You can download the card to your PC and print them out whenever you need them.

The templates are easy to use and when you are done, your card will be as unique as your wedding day. Because the card is printable after you design it, you can make a few or make a couple hundred.

Design and create a beautiful invitation with Hawaii in mind. It could be a picture of the two of you, a photo of a Hawaiian beach or a clip art image of palm trees, hula dancers or a silhouette of a couple against a setting sun

If you need an invitation for a cruise ship wedding, you might want to look at the printable free cruise wedding invitation samples. See how easy and beautiful this card is to create.

You use a template to design your invite and then you add your verse and you are done. The only thing left to do is print it out and make sure it is exactly what you want it to be like.

Once you finish your card, you can then download it to your computer, where you print it out. You can make as many as you need and if you need more, there is no reason to call the print shop. Just bring it up on your computer and print as many as you need.

How much more simpler could it be to make the perfect cruise wedding invitation.

It is affordable and you design it yourself, therefore, any changes are done right away without delay.

Free Printable Irish Wedding Invitation

Whether or not you are Irish does not mean you cannot have an Irish destination or Irish themed wedding. Imagine planning your wedding date for Saint Patrick’s Day and designing a card to set the occasion. Look at the printable free Irish wedding invitation sample and even you will admit, it is a unique looking card that has all the potential to be on the top of your list of must haves.

If you have a need for that perfect invitation, you will want to choose the best card and what better way than with an Irish wedding card.

Put the luck of the Irish in your wedding plans and see what you can do with a template that guides you through making a wonderful card that you can download and print right from your computer.

About Unique Homemade Canadian Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a Canadian destination wedding, try not to plan it in winter - for obvious reasons :-)

Canadian wedding invitations in general differ very little from those used by couples in the U.K. or the U.S. except in the French speaking province of Quebec. However many Canadian couples are opting to use Canadian symbols and styles to create unique Canadian wedding invitations.

Some use the Canadian flag as part of their invitation’s design and couples from Quebec often have their invitations printed in French and English to honor their French-Canadian heritage. A few even go so far as to pledge their vows in both languages.

A more whimsical approach may be to include images of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police a.k.a. “Mounties”, a maple leaf, sports, or photos of the beautiful Canadian Rockies in spring or in the depths of winter. Your options are endless, especially if you choose to make your own invitations.

Do you think you don’t have the talent or time to take on a project like this? Let me assure you you can do this and complete the job in an evening depending on how many invitations you need. The hardest part is finding the perfect wording for your invitations.

There are dozens of web sites that have simple wording and ideas you are free to use as is or adapt to suit your needs. You can use free clip art, quotes from songs, poems, movies or plays. A Canadian cousin from Toronto married a member of the RCMP and their invitations had a picture of him in uniform and her in her wedding gown. The wording was printed on a vellum overlay. I saw one invitation that a neighbor received. It had a beautiful photo of the mountains in early spring. The wording went like this:

As spring brings new life
To the mountains
Kellie Ann Howard
Frank James Longworth
Invite you to join them
As they begin
Their new life together
Day, date, time
Reception to follow

 Good luck with whatever destination you might choose!