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Free Printable Christmas Coloring Invitations 

Print these coloring invitation cards and see children have a lot of fun with them.

Also, if you’re looking for keeping kids busy, for a little while at least and feel useful at the same time; try printable coloring invitations that you can get here, all of the time for free.

Most public schools don’t allow anything that has to do with God or Jesus, so they we have here secular pages too.

You can print Christmas trees, candy canes, gifts, snowmen and so on.

If you have toddlers just letting them color will be enough, but older kids love games so why not give them poster board and have them cut out the pictures and make a story?


African American Invitation

Catholic Christmas Invitation

Celtic Coloring Invitation

 Cookie Coloring Invitation

 Dinner Coloring Invitation

Star Coloring Invitation

Nativity Coloring Invitation

 Tea Party Coloring Invitation

Ugly Sweater Invitation

Disney Christmas Invitation

Florida Christmas Invitation

Very Funny Christmas Invitation

Kids Christmas Invitation

Christmas Lighthouse Invitation

Mickey Christmas Invitation

Nightmare Christmas Invitation

Pajama Christmas Invitation

Religious Christmas Invitation

Teen Christmas Invitation

Very Funny Christmas Invitation

Very Funny Christmas Invitation

Christmas Wedding Invitation

Corporate Christmas Invitation

Dragonfly Christmas Invitation

Elegant Christmas Invitation

Horse Christmas Invitation

Then have them tell you the story when you’re done with what you are doing. Not only will this keep them busy, you also have a really cute decoration to hang up for everyone to see.

If you want to print religious pages you can do that also. They should have the Holy Family, shepherds, wise-men, animals and angel pages to name a few. You can have the children color the pages and cut them out. Then if you want you can glue them on felt and make a story board for them to act out the Christmas story, so they will know what Christmas is really about.