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19th Birthday Greeting Card Templates and Wordings

Different countries celebrate birthdays in their own unique ways, and there are as many (or more) different birthday toasts, customs, and wishes as there are different countries.

Some societies are more conservative and some are more liberal; in some countries, the “macho” attitude prevails, and in others, women rule the customs of this special day.

There are also countries where life expectancy is below age 40, and wishing that someone will live to be 60 is perhaps not in good taste, whereas in other countries, where the life expectancy is over age 80, it might seem just as awkward to say, "Hope you’re still around for your 100th!"

So, if you happen to be invited to a birthday party while visiting another country, be very careful when sending your wishes to that person.

For example, make sure not to wish “lots of fun” to a married Muslim woman.

It might be gravely misunderstood.

19th Birthday Greeting Card For Girls

Be healthy and very happy
Be always such a fascinating poet and
Connoisseur of delicate part of humanity,
Be always so original and unique
with your inherent dangerous charm!


You are my sunlight and a floret gentle.
My love and faith, and hope!
Be always cheerful and grow healthy,
Let only colorful and happy dreams come while you sleep!



I wish you that you always remember the happiness of this day!
Gifts and fun I wish you for your birthday!
You will grow beautiful and clever without any doubt!


Romanian Birthday Toast Sample:

"With yesterdays life is shorter,
with tomorrows it always grows
but in your eyes forever
only today glows.

So even if years are running
disappearing in the past,
the treasure is there in your soul
and there it will always last.

Happy Birthday!"

Mihai Eminescu

19th Birthday Greeting Card For Boys

About Birthday Toasts In Different Countries:

I have heard many different birthday toasts in several different countries, but to me, inhabitants of the country of Georgia give the most impressive toasts. They are very inspiring in both wording and presentation. Georgians celebrate with an “open table,” which is another way of describing a "feast." A "tamada", or “the head of the table,” always presides over these events. He proposes the toast, which is then interpreted by the table members. The richness of the language, along with the sense of imagination that goes into these toasts, is enormous. These toasts go on for the duration of party, often until dawn.

Birthday wishes and toasts for good health, long life, happiness, and good luck are common, but besides those, each society or group of people has its own cultural toasts. For example, in Argentina and other South American countries, family plays the most important role in one’s life, so it’s common to raise a toast to a good wife or husband rather than a good job or lots of money. In fact, in Dubai, birthday wishes or toasts might mention many wives (which also signifies a wish for wealth).

In Poland, they sing the Polish birthday song “Sto lat,” which literally means “100 years,” and it goes something like: “We wish that you will live 100 years!”

In more rural, agricultural areas, birthday wishes and toasts may call for good crops or an abundance of fish, and so forth.

Feel free to browse our site and look for the “easy-to-personalize” samples of birthday toasts and wishes for family and friends alike.