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18th Birthday Greeting Card Templates and Wordings

Warm and Witty Toasts, Sayings and Quotes to Write on Friend's Birthday Card

"A friend in need is a friend indeed," as the old saying goes. Truer words were never spoken!

I often hear people say, "We cannot choose our family, but we can choose our friends."

Many times I’ve seen friends be much more helpful and loving than family members, and blessed are those who know how to cherish a true friendship.

On your friend’s birthday card, write how much you love and honor him/her and remind him/her of a happy memory you shared. Use our samples to write original, witty and sincere birthday wishes on your friend's card:

18th Birthday Greeting Card for Girls

Samples of Birthday Wishes and Toasts for a Friend:

I just wanted to tell you, if I never told you before, how much your friendship means to me. I know that I am not always "easy to handle," but I appreciate you being there for me whenever I need you. Many, many times I didn’t even have to ask for help - you would just come. Many times I didn’t even realize that I needed help, and again, you were just there. Today, on your birthday, I want to tell you that you are like a brother/sister to me.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Samples of Quick, Short Sayings and Quotes (You may use them to send SMS messages as well):

I wish you all the happiness in this world for you,
all love to be there for you, many good friends and good luck. Cheers!

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!




I wish you the change you are longing for to bring you the happiness, for which you do not dare to dream! Cheers!




Have a time of happiness and love, time for a change, time for pleasure, time for dreams, time to experience all the delights of the world and someone with whom to share them!



I wish you long life in wisdom and bliss, much health and happiness!


Happy Birthday My Friend!




I wish you wonderful and brave adventure trips!
I wish you the world at your feet!




On good dates just nice people are born!
Today is a great date,
but for me you are more than a wonderful person!




Believe, because the faith saves!
Hope, because the hope helps!
Love, because the true love is forever!


Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!