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17th Birthday Greeting Card Templates - Wordings and Toasts

Funny birthday wishes will make the recipient even happier, and I am sure you know it – after all, that’s why you are here!

When daily life sometimes just gets too serious, people start to forget about the abundance of fun in life. I don’t know about you, but as these are out only two options in life, I would certainly rather laugh than cry! I also believe that people can overcome even the most serious and troublesome situations with humor.

When you ask people what they like about their partners the most, how many times do you usually hear, "He/she makes me laugh?" A lot, right? And what do most single people look for in a potential mate? "A good sense of humor" always tops that list, hands-down.

I truly believe that humor is the spice of life. If you have someone near you who will make you laugh even when you want to cry, you really don’t have to worry about what life brings you – your humor will get you through it.

Did you ever wonder how to write a personalized, funny birthday wish that will make a loved one smile or even laugh out loud? You can do it!

For example, think of something you did together in the past. It might not have been so funny then, but from today’s perspective, it might be quite funny, indeed.

17th Birthday Greeting Card for Boy

Samples of Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes:

Today, in honor of your birthday, I wish you lots of small change so you don’t have to pretend that you don’t speak English when trying to get on a bus that accepts only small change :-)

Remember that night when we caught the last bus in (name the city)? I will never forget your face when you realized you had only a $20 on you. The bus was coming, and I had my monthly pass, but I could not help you because I had no change, either. You panicked, since walking 10 miles home didn’t sound like a great idea on that rainy, freezing night. You just said, ”Get in!” and I did.

You handed the driver a 20-dollar bill. He told you he needed the exact change. You looked at him as though you did not understand what he was saying …”Hm???” you said, while pretending you couldn’t understand him, trying your best to look apologetic and confused. The driver tried a few more times and then just gave up, motioning for you to go back...I don’t know how I didn’t start rolling on the floor laughing out loud.




On your birthday, I wish that you will study harder and never have to make another excuse when failing an exam :-)

Remember when you said that your wisdom teeth had been extracted, and that’s why you missed your exam? HA! And remember when John told our teacher to ask you to open your mouth :-) (John knew you had all your perfect teeth.)




On your birthday, I wish you at least a little more money so you don’t have to try to re-sell your unused subway tickets while touring Europe, like you did last year :-)




On your birthday, I wish you courage when it comes to picking up a girl so I don’t have to help you :) Remember when you sent me to ask that girl to dance with you “because you had a sore throat and could not ask yourself?” You’ll never forget what her answer was, will you? Stupid me, is there anything I wouldn’t do for you?




On your birthday, I wish that you break up with your boyfriend so we can spend more time together like in the good old days (just kidding) I need a break :-)




I wish you the boss's office, the salary of the boss and the success of the bravest people in the world! Courage! Happy Birthday!




I wish you as much health as to surprise the medicine;
So much happy that the angels envy you;
And so great love that it can be written in history!




I wish you lots of money,
large cars,
beautiful women,
but mostly - crazy days!





If you do not have a smile,
I will give you one of mine.





Lets your branch never fade and dry ... from which the life is born! So you propagate and multiply, and let me participate in this work!






I sent the sun to smile you with my smile.
I sent the wind to caress you with my hand.
If unknown woman kiss you
Remember, I did not send her!

17th Birthday Greeting Card for Girls