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15th Birthday Greeting Card Templates and Wordings

My friend, Richard, had a wonderful experience of throwing a swim party to celebrate his daughter's fifteenth birthday, recently.

Richard invited his friends and of course the friends of his daughte, Mel. Richard was extremely happy because every single person he had invited attended the party.

The party itself went off very well. Richard and his wife Martha made very simple poolside decoration with colored crepe paper strips hanging from the trees all around the swimming pool.

The guests arrived with their swimsuits and bath towels.

Martha supplied trash bags for them to carry their wet clothes back. The children had great fun participating in Rubber Duck Races in the pool.

15th Birthday Greeting Card For Girls

15th Birthday Greeting Card For Boys

Apart from a fantastic birthday cake, there were hot dogs, crackers, and fresh fruit salad. A couple of self-serve coolers provided the guests with the option of having cold beverages whenever they liked.

 The kids and their parents posed with their best smiles for a few photos. As they left, Mel gave away small bags filled with inexpensive sunglasses to his friends.

As soon as I've learned that Mell will have a swim birthday party I wrote this wording:

With every splash of the water we enjoy
and wish you Happy 15th Birthday!