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Precious Moment Theme Wedding

A coming together of a lifetime is something that is marked by the marriage of a couple.

Thus it is marked by so many special events and times that we all desire to freeze in time and keep to ourselves.

It is an institution that man and lady have always believed as a symbol of togetherness and a timelessness that would mark their lives.

What can be more special than to make it even more special with significant moments from their lives altogether. Precious moment theme wedding ideas are something that did strike me while I was deciding for my own wedding celebrations and I had to keep in mind the detailing of the homemade customs and nooks and to cater to the invitation of guests along with making my love much more special while expressing to my bride.

 Indeed it is something that was to happen only once in a lifetime and I wanted it to capture all that had been special to both of us forever and make the time freeze forever with the moments during and after our wedding.

I had arranged the settings specifically on my own to make things be the perfect as much as possible for this even to be successful. I collected all the little and beautiful gifts that we had shared together like little tokens like key rings, scented candles, pens, albums, little chocolate boxes and everything that I could collect around I did and then strategically arranged around the reception site so that as she enters the place she gets to feel the essence of all the special moments that we had spend together and make up our own special wedding moments!

I even had the table arranged in the form of the first dinner date we went for and had organized the same people who attended us during the visit. I looked to it that every thing was in chronological manner so that she could feel the time flowing back and then again coming alive just as we had spent the times together. In such a lifetime occasions, I just wanted to be the most special as in a lifetime!

I even arranged for a heart shaped ring bearer cushion where the ring was placed and it was surrounded with all the special soft toys that I had previously presented to her as little gifts during different times of our journey together and indeed it did wonders when I saw the sparkle in her eyes!