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Power Ranger Party Decorations and Invitations

Power Ranger parties are mostly popular among boys between ages 2 and 5, however some girls also love this theme. It is a great occasion to dress up and have fun with your friends and favorite samurais.

1. Party Games

The best activity for this game is creating power ranger masks. Set up a table where the kids can do some crafts and make their own power rangers masks in various colors according to which one they like the most. You can also get the masks ready made and have them only decorated. For this you can get crayons and stickers of various kinds. For the masks you can also provide foam swords. The kids can wear the masks and play with the swords, this way they can really enjoy being power rangers for a day.

If the kids are younger, look for some printable power rangers coloring pages. They will love them and these are easy to find. Most websites that offer free printable decorations and invitations also have some coloring pages that you can download and print.

At the beginning of the party you can also watch some Power Ranger episodes. This can even be a good way to end the party.

2. Party Decorations

There are special decorations and supplies for such a party featuring the power ranger samurais. You can get for example tableware such as plates and cups with power rangers on them.

If you want to go got something less expensive, choose the colors that fit with the power rangers. These are red, blue and yellow. You can create decorations with balloons of these colors, and you can even make a centerpiece this way. Do the same thing when choosing the tableware and tablecloth.

Sometimes you can also find printable power rangers decorations: these you can print and use as banners, signs and stickers.

3. Party invitations

Party invitations for a power rangers theme party often come together with a supply package or decoration package that you purchase. You can also find printable invitations. Get the ones that feature the power rangers. Include some power ranger stickers with the invitations adding them to the envelope. It will be a nice surprise for the receiver!

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