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Free Printable Popeye Party Invitations & Kits

There are a number of comic book characters out there which completely transcend the medium in which they were originally created.

I am sure that most children have never even a Popeye comic book, let alone actually read one.

In fact, nowadays you would be hard pushed to find a child that has actually seen the TV show or that awful Robin Williams movie.

Despite that though, Popeye is incredibly popular as a character. Most children know him.

Most children love him. It therefore makes him absolutely perfect for a Popeye themed party.

Now, when I was asked to think about food for a Popeye Party I was a little stuck.

Sure, we all know that Popeye loves spinach. There is a major problem with this though.

This is the fact that children really do not like spinach. Stick some of that on the table and you will have children gagging. This is obviously highly annoying. Do not worry though. You can still incorporate the spinach theme into that food somehow.

For example, you may want to look into the idea of making a cake in the shape of a spinach can. There are a number of cake manufacturers out there that will do this for you (in fact, I am sure that if you hopped along to your local supermarket you would find plenty of these cakes on offer anyway).

Another suggestion that I came up with when it comes to a Popeye Party is to purchase cool little party cups which have been decorated with Popeye in mind (or you can design your own of course). These cups have generally been designed to look like a spinach can.

Fill this up with some sort of green drink, and hey presto, you have spinach! (sort of!). Don't forget, hamburgers are regularly consumed in Popeye, in fact, there is one character that eats them a lot. Children absolutely love hamburgers! Get them in the party food mix. Don't forget to get something for the vegetarians too.

As I said at the start, Popeye is an immensely popular character when it comes to parties. You therefore should find it pretty easy to grab yourself some party decorations for your party which have been based around the character of Popeye. They help to add a nice touch. Don't forget to get some party invitations too (Again, in the style of Popeye so everybody knows what is going to happen at your place).

You can complete the theme of your party by asking every guy to come dressed as Popeye and every girl to come dressed as Olive. It can actually be quite fun. If you want a bit more variety then you could always ask them to dress up as other people from the comic and TV show. Trust me though, most people are going to come dressed as one of those two anyway so it will just be a waste of time asking them to do anything else.

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