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Pool Kids Party Invitations and Decorations

If you want to be a cool parent, throw a pool party for kids. When you decide to organize a party for a hot summer day and you have a pool, this is the best decision.....

If you don’t have a pool, you can set up and inflatable one. This is perfect especially for small kids.

Before the party, make sure you ask the parents of the kids whether there is someone who cannot swim.

For kids who cannot swim you can provide a life jacket and keep an extra eye on them.

You will also have to make sure to give some rules about the pool, to assure that there will be on problems. Pool parties are not entirely risk free.

For example you need to tell that diving is not allowed or holding people under, and you also have to supervise while they are in the water. It is not a bad idea to invite other parents as well to help you with watching all the kids. It will be more relaxing for you.


1. Kids Pool Party Invitations

For the invitations get something in blue, orange and yellow. These colors fit the best for a pool party. You can also look for invitations that have a beach ball on them. A colorful umbrella is also often featured on such invitations. Water splashes will remind everyone that looks at the image on how amazing such a party can be!

 Kids Pool Birthday Party Invitation Template

 Kids Pool Birthday Greeting Card Invitation

Kids Pool Birthday Square Garland Template

Kids Pool Birthday Party Flyer Invitation

Kids Pool Birthday Favor Label Sticker

Kids Pool Birthday Gift Tag 

Kids Pool Birthday Place Card

Kids Pool Birthday Return Address Label

Kids Pool Birthday RSVP Party Card

Kids Pool Party Birthday Thank You Card Template

Kids Pool Birthday Coloring Greeting Page

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2. Kids Pool Party Games

 Before you start any game or activity for the kids, let them swim around and play with the inflatable animals you have. For a pool party watching a movie could be an excellent idea: if you have a flat screen TV, you can bring it on the patio so everybody can watch. Make sure that there is enough distance between the pool and the TV, and of course keep wet kids away from it. You can choose movies that fit to this kind of party, such as the Little Mermaid or cartoons fitting with the theme depending on the age of the kids.

You can have a swimming contest. If children are more or less the same age and they have the same swimming ability, this can be a fun activity. They can swim from one end of the pool to the other, and the first one to get to the end wins. Remember to give prices to all kids because otherwise they will be sad and disappointed.

You can also organize a game with balloons. You can have two teams, each with their own balloon. Each team has to make sure that the balloon doesn’t touch the water. The team that can keep the balloon from touching the water from the longest time wins.


3. Kids Pool Party Supplies and Decorations

  You will need some beach towels, sunscreen, balls and inflatable toys. Goggles and flippers will make the party more fun. You can ask each child to bring a towel of their own so you don’t have to buy that many.

You can also get some umbrellas and beach chairs, or make sure that there is enough shady area such as trees or tents. Get some sunscreen as well.

For a pool party decorating the table is not so essential, after all the center of attention will be the pool. Use lots of bright colors, and lanterns in the evening.


4. Kids Pool Party Food

Food can be something simple. With creative names you can make even something usual seem amazing. The classic chips with dips, hot dogs and burgers will be perfect for a pool party. Cookies and cupcakes are easy to make and fit for the party theme. You can serve various types of sodas and soft drinks for such a day out in the sun.

Ice cream will be good on such a sunny day, and virgin cocktails such as virgin pina colada are great for cooling down and enjoying something fruity and sweet.

If you feel creative you can give interesting names to the dishes, such as wave cookies, pool burgers etc.