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Pink Theme Wedding Ideas

If you are keen to the idea of having a pink theme wedding, I would like to give some hints on how to make your wedding look great.

To get your ideas flowing, first think about some pink roses, or even better, pink rimmed roses.

Make your own pink bouquet with these roses and fasten a few to your dress, it will make for a dramatic effect.

If your maids of honor will dress in fuschia satin gowns, your pink theme wedding is just beginning to take shape.

There is no reason why you should limit to only one tone of pink. Use your imagination, bring hue variations, in your bouquet, in the mini desserts you will serve, in the little ribbons decorating every table in the room.

You can go even into the smallest details, like little pink rings for napkins and pink confetti and so on. There is no stopping once you get yourself started. Here is an idea on how to impress your guests with your pink theme wedding. I recommend on ordering some pink fantasy desserts, like small chocolate hearts dressed in pink icing or small pink squares of different sizes. They are bite size and they will be highly appreciated by your friends.

If you decide to put some flower arrangements on the tables, go for some artistic decorations with pink flowers. Their nice colors will reflect the general design of your weddings and they will emit a nice smell. Decorate the tables with some pink candles.

Also, when you send out invitations for your wedding, decide for a pink colored paper to go with your design ideas for your wedding. The pink theme wedding you are planning will say something about you. It will say that you are a playful person that enjoys life and doing things the way you want to. Pink is always the symbol of fresh young love, so there is no other color, more appropriate for a couple starting their life, than this.

For your fairytale wedding, I suggest to try some websites that sell all the items that I mentioned this far, as well as others, that can make your wedding one to be remembered.

Brown Pink Theme Wedding Ideas

If I were asked for something innovative for planning a wedding theme for myself, then I would have certainly chosen something that would portray the feelings of the human heart.

What is more pleasant in doing so rather than via colors! Brown pink theme wedding ideas are something that came to my heart while I was pondering over this.Indeed the color of tasty chocolate in brown and the romance depicted in pink can form a chic and indeed really romantic theme for a perfect wedding. In fact my cousin actually took it up for her wedding itself.

Right from the invitation of guests, the homemade ceremonies to the customs were all given the shade of this perfect harmony in these two colors! It is indeed a unique and special idea.

The invitation cards were in the shapes of designer brown chocolate bars and containing the color of pink inside just as the punch of soul inside the melting chocolate. The guests were all excited with the different theme coming up from the beginning in a homemade but special manner!

The drapes and curtains and table cloths all painted in complimentary combinations of brown and pink and the abundance of pink roses wherever it gave the touch of beauty and especially the wedding bouquet for the newly wedded couple in the reception made the specialty of the colored theme ever more beautiful by the garnishing of brown ribbons to abide it.

Flowers are important for a wedding and the theme being bound to the theme makes the eminence of it even more special to the couple as well as to the invitation of guests. At the dinner hall, care was taken to provide endorsing the reception tables to keep little candle showpieces that had the tinge of this special color combination to complete the theme in all. As a wedding favor, we decided to present the guests with little brown chocolate pieces wrapped in pink wrappers to give away the touch of the theme even as the people resigned after the day’s enjoyment. This would rather help the theme to linger in the memories for a longer time even as the day passes into history

At the end of the day, yes we were happy that this innovative homemade plan was successful to enthrall the invitation of guests and make the theme wedding really special. Brown pink theme wedding ideas are indeed a great innovation to make a simple wedding into something really special.

Ideas for Black Pink Theme Weddings

Nothing can speak the heart of a man or a woman than the unspoken words of colors! Truly colors have their own words and their own world where they speak of different ideas and of different topics and thus give a new dimension to the heart of the people.

Whenever I go about thinking in terms of a wedding idea then the idea that always strikes me is that of a theme about colors and solely so. They have but their own worlds and their own special alphabet where they speak their own language of the heart and can touch every individual. Black pink theme wedding is something that has always been in my mind and I was able to express my heart during the wedding of my first cousin.

Looking at different web sites where to look for solid ideas about these plans I could visit places like,, and many different such places for resources and ideas, we came across some very good ideas to fulfill this theme. The points we gathered together were a collection of simple yet sophisticated mixture of various items that would indeed make the wedding theme truly special.

You can go for balloons of these colors to decorate the entire place and match them with the drapes and ribbons to make them contrasting with the colors. Bunches of pink roses can be bundled together and scattered across the entire reception hall and also scatter the petals all across the place, especially around the wedding cake.

While looking at the decorations of the dinner tables, we had a small but good ideas whereas we could place our theme right across to every guest. A set of one pink and one black scented candle was placed upon each of the dinner tables and the guests could cherish the theme all the way as they dine.

Even the invitations to guests were on cards with a light pink color and a black thin border. It was a combination of innovation with the colorful mind and the blend produced the beauty of the theme. With the napkins at the dinner tables also done in a similar fashion and also the dress of the bridesmaids too, the theme was all over during the entire ceremony.

Black pink theme wedding is not something that is standardized with a norm, but it is something that is left to the imagination of the individuals who make utilize the theme to incorporate their creative ideas and I am sure you too would e able to do the same while you go ahead for such a theme wedding.