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Photo Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding invitations stand apart from the “cookie cutter” white or ivory invitations that most couples seem to use?

 If so you may want to consider using photo wedding invitations.

There are several options you can choose from to create the perfect invitations for your wedding. We will briefly discuss the different ways you can use photo invitations.

Many wedding invitation companies are offering these increasingly popular photo card invitations. They will print them using pictures that you provide. Whether your wedding is going to be very formal or casual photos can be used.

For a traditional formal wedding you can use the engagement photo that was in the newspaper or have your wedding photographer take a suitable shot for use in your invitations.

Your western themed wedding can spark several ideas for photos. You can have a “wanted” poster made with a picture of the two of you on it. The text can be written in western or cowboy jargon like:

Barbara Wakefield and Joe “Tex” Harris
Are fixin to get hitched
On Saturday, time and date

If this will be a second marriage with children involved, a picture of you and your fiance with all of the kids would be a perfect photo wedding invitation to celebrate the joining of both families with love.

Do you plan to make your own wedding invitations? You can still have photo invitations. Many stationary and craft stores well photo cards that would work well as wedding invitations. You can add a traditional or unique verse of your own selection. You can print the invitations on most laser or ink jet printers.

There are companies that will not only make your beautiful photo wedding invitations but will even address your wedding invitation envelopes for you. If you choose this option when your order comes check the envelopes for errors. You don’t want great aunt Matilda’s invitation to go astray.

Use your imagination to create invitations that go with your theme. Search free stock photo sites for palm tree, dolphin, butterfly or cruise ship photos to find the perfect one for your one of a kind photo wedding invitations.

Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

If you want to be unique with your thank you cards, you might want to consider photo wedding thank you cards to send to your friends and family. Many couples want a way to give everyone a picture of them together on their wedding day and a thank you card with a wedding picture on the front is a great way to do it.

This way, everyone gets a picture as a keepsake. Your guests will never be able to forget your wedding day or how much you appreciated the gift that they gave to you. This is a great way to take care of all the people that tell you they want a picture of the two of you.

You can use photo wedding thank you cards for everyone when you choose a picture and make the exact face of the card for everyone. You can still have different wording on some of the cards. You will just have the same face on each card. You can make different photos as well as wording. If you are using a template and making the thank you cards from an online template, you can use more than one photo and many different wordings.

The photo wedding thank you cards are more personal than using a standard thank you card that everyone uses. You can add a persona touch that is only unique to you. No one will have the same thank you card unless they attended your wedding. You can choose your wording and make the cards personal to each person or choose wording that tells your guest how you feel about the gift that they gave you. You never have to follow the crowd and use the same thank you cards as everyone else when you customize your cards with a photo.