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Paris Wedding Themes


Indeed a dream Paris wedding theme idea can be very strategically planned across to bring in the flavor and give awe to the hearts of the invitation of guests with the combination of romance with the homemade nooks to give it the perfection of timelessness.

Paris has always been coupled with the cutting edge fashion themes and it runs in every spec of air that flows in the streets hearts of the city in itself. It is one of the most common things that come with the name only. Being fashionable is thus the keyword of a Paris theme wedding.

From the wedding dresses to the dressing of the tables, to the drapes and curtains, to the arrangement of flowers and show pieces, everything had to be done in perfect style and make to look fashionable and chic to give the Paris theme its true grandeur. We embarked upon something of handsome needlework or lace embroidery for the theme to give it a great and grand look.

We even arranged for a miniature Eiffel Tower and placed it at the center of the reception site to mark the theme even more demonstratively. Little mementos and miniatures structures and artifacts were placed in the dinner tables with a rich choice of music flowing in the wind and beautiful but intelligently placed lights marking every corner of the reception site to give the mood as well as the look and feel of the Paris theme everywhere.

For dinner we selected to serve traditional French cuisine. Champagne and a choice of good wine were served as a sign of the Paris institution of celebration. Everything had to have the mark of style and grandeur to give it a touch of elegance for the Paris theme even more marked.

A beautiful wedding cake and little French chocolates as wedding favors marked the event even more especially along with the homemade traditions that were performed by the family members. Paris wedding theme ideas were there with me but this time I had the liberty to do everything it make it as perfect as I could and thus I did it with utmost diligence and the output was a real success and gave the event a grand success among everyone attending the ceremony.

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