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Outdoor Wedding Theme Invitation Templates

 A beautiful way of celebrating this event is with a theme that is so close to nature and also to the near and dear ones among the invitation of guests and performing the homemade customs and ceremonies altogether. 

 The best time to plan a theme in the outdoor would be party in a garden or lawn during the time of spring or summers having full bloom of colors and drapes of white and cream arranged among the greenery of shaped up plants and trees.

You can even arrange for gaudy collection of different flowers

to make the arrangements complete with the colors of the season and not only having conventional flowers but also ones that are different and beautiful as well.

After all you would be celebrating this event with a pomp that must match the definition of the theme itself even in a homemade manner also. The wedding invitation cards can be in the shape of a flower bouquet to make the guests get attracted of the great theme ahead in your special wedding. Drapes can be made of different colors of blue red and pink among the conventional white and cream to create the perfect contrast.

Beautiful music is something that you must arrange with a live orchestra to play during the wedding songs and dance being organized and thus making the invitation of guests feel the theme deep within the heart. Classy jewelry, chic attires and a lot of food and drink would make the merry making come alive among this must treasured theme and I must assure you that you would never have to regret for choosing this kind of a great theme for such a special occasion.

Outdoor theme wedding ideas are simple the one of the best I can let you informed about and I must recommend them as the best of the homemade ideas that can enthrall the invitations and keep the merry making alive for a very long time.

Ocean Theme Wedding Ideas

Last year I attended the wedding of my cousin and it was real fun! 

Indeed ocean theme wedding ideas can turn up the lights in the heart of each person attending the ceremony.

And thus none of the invitations would ever be disappointed with anything in the reception right from homemade customs to real fun and frolic ideas of the ocean theme!

Let me relate this theme to you in a little more detail.

As you all know that there exists quite a few law related issues while planning for a ocean theme since many authorities have levied the norms of non usage of beaches for personal purposes.

Left-click on the above picture to download its larger-size version!

Thus I reached my friend’s place a little in advance to help him out in these minor formalities that can really become big at a later stage. Ocean themes are good but I knew that we had to understand the climate to have the occasion organized since the time is something that is very important for hosting such an event in an ocean zone.

The homemade customs and also the party had to be chalked out to provide maximum fun for everybody who attends it and definitely plan a dress code for the entire invitation of guests so as to make the theme more successful.

Thus an ocean theme essentially needed much more planning than ay other theme just as it can be much more happening than any other theme! The ocean has its won metaphors of majesty, seemliness, tranquility, and mystery. The decorations thus needed some matching to these ideas as well so as to make the event as close to the theme as possible.

The shapes of the silverware, glasses and other accessories needed to be in shapes of shells and lots of multi-hued ribbons to match with the white drape and wild flowers to equivalent them up rather than conservative flowers that would have made the decorations much more conventional.

What we needed was something to go with the ocean, boundless and wild and give the heart of every person an endless desire to go into eternity of fun! It was to be the ultimate extravaganza of a wedding that everybody would remember forever. We even planned for wedding favors in the form of little shells containing chocolates as a symbol of remembrance as the party gets over. I enjoyed all these as mixture of the composure and carousing in the delight of the celebration of a new life for my cousin. It was indeed an extraordinary plan to have a ocean theme wedding idea for us to materialize but at the end of it all we really made it possible with pure success and satisfaction.


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