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Origin of Valentines Day

St. Valentine’s History, Traditions and Symbols

There are three Catholic Saints named Valentine or Valentinus, and all of them were martyred on the 14th of February.

No one is sure which the saint for lovers is.

What is known is that during the mid 5th century the Roman Emperor Claudius felt that single men made better soldiers since they didn’t have to worry about their wives and kids.

So he decreed that young soldiers not marry. Valentine was a priest who helped the young lovers by performing secret marriages.

When Claudius found out he sentenced Valentine to death.

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While in jail he became friendly with his jailer’s daughter. They may even have been in love. Reportedly he sent the young woman a note shortly before his death and signed it, your Valentine. Ever since, young people have been invoking St. Valentine for help in finding their or keeping their true love.

Valentine’s Day greetings probably originated in England back in the middle ages however they didn’t appear in the U.S. until the 1800’s. Many practices and beliefs grew up around St. Valentine’s Day which we laugh at now. Such as the first single person of the opposite sex that you saw on Valentine’s Day would be your future spouse. February 14th was believed by Europeans to be the date when birds choose their mates. So it became a common belief that the first bird you saw on that date would indicate the kind of man a girl would marry. Doves symbolized a faithful man, but a woodpecker meant there was no wedding in your future.

Valentine ’s Day has different traditions in different cultures. For example in Japan young girls give chocolate to boys. In some countries if a woman gets a gift of clothing from a man and keeps it, she is agreeing to marry him.The origins of Valentine’s Day and its traditions are a mix of legends and truth.

St. Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s Day traditions from the early days, did not involve candy or fancy gifts, it involved one thing – love. It is always nice to think up ways to say I love you without being traditional. You could make your own card with a poem inside. This along with a homemade dinner for two is always a nice way to Happy Valentine’s Day. You can plan a weekend getaway or even a day for two at a spa. There are so many ways to say how you feel. I would rather have something from the heart rather than a piece of jewelry or a box of candy.

I would rather have something that is made or thought of to express one’s self. The Valentine’s Day traditions are inspirational, but when something comes from the heart, it will say more and be remembered longer than a box of candy. All you need is a few ideas about what to do or what card to give with a special poem or wording inside to make someone feel special. If you need a few ideas about how to express yourself, you can always think about what would make you happy and do it for someone else.

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Show Your Feelings by Using Valentine’s Day Symbols

What can inspire someone on Valentine’s Day? There are many ways to show someone how you feel, but Valentine’s Day symbols can say everything you want to say without words. You can use symbols that say I love you, or symbols that say you care. There are even symbols that show you miss that person. For a personal symbol, you might choose a heart with your name and the other person’s name inside. This is a common way to give a Valentine, so you might want to be more original when giving your Valentine a card or a symbol.

For a unique Valentine’s Day symbol, you might choose the dove. The dove has long been view as a symbol of love. You can use the dove symbol on a card or even as a picture on a card. You could use a cupid with your name and your loved one name inscribed. You can use so many inspirational love symbols. I like to receive cards and pictures that are original. If you think it will show how you feel, it can be used for a Valentine symbol. You do not have to be traditional; you can be original when planning how to say what you feel.

Valentine’s Day brings out many emotions for everyone. Some look forward to it and others are nonchalant about the day. The way you say, Happy Valentine’s Day does not have mean spending money, it is something given from the heart. It expresses how you feel about the person receiving the Valentine’s Day symbol. You can do just about anything as long as it has a meaning the both of you understand. For a special day, it does not have to be complicated. You do not have to spend a lot of money to say how you feel.