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Christmas Party Ideas for Adults

Adult Christmas parties can bring a lot of fun. Merriment is the true essence of Christmas and to be merry you need a good atmosphere and adults usually know how  to create it. Lets us help a bit with some nice ideas:

Christmas day can be the best day of ones whole year when one can meet new people and also enjoy with there near and dear ones.

Adults have many things in common therefore they can really enjoy there Christmas Eve and Christmas together and the more the merrier.

The one thing that all can relish on this day is the special food.

The food on this auspicious event can really be different from the daily food. A turkey is a must on this day along with different flavored bread.

Other than this pastries and cakes top the menu chart. Custards and ice cream pies can be included too. Recipes can also be exchanged on the day or before the big day this keeps the ladies engaged for sometime. So people can actually through a big party where food can be the extraordinary attraction for the guests.

Another great idea for the adult Christmas party can be a dance party. The adults like mask dances where the individuals can not identify each other and in dark lights end up dancing with others and in turn make new friends and increase there golden ring of friendship because as we all know make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. Jesus too loved mixing with his people and make new friends in turn which he saved the mankind.

If people whom you want to invite are fewer in number you can also arrange for some Christmas oriented movie. At your cozy residence itself you can actually make a home theatre and enjoy the movie all together. After the movie you all can sit together and give your views on the movie.

Tips on How to Throw Good Christmas Parties

You are planning to have a party during the Christmas season and need some ideas on how to throw good Christmas party. We can help you! The most important thing is to plan ahead. People are very busy this time of the year with shopping, doing their home decorating, office party, sending out their cards, etc. Choose a date and send out your invitations right after Thanksgiving. Make sure you ask for an RSVP. Make a list with the names of everyone invited and check them off as you get your replies. That way you know who you have to follow up with.

Instead of having a gift exchange, why not ask guest to bring an unwrapped toy or gift to be donated to “Toys for Tots” or another local charity. If you choose you could ask for toiletries from men and women and have everyone help make gift baskets for residents of a local nursing home who are often forgotten around the holidays. If there will be kids at your party they should each get a small wrapped gift that you can get at a dollar or discount store. Involve the kids in the work of making gift baskets. They can hand items to adults or give each child a selection of items and help them create a gift basket also. Make sure you have Christmas music playing in the background continuously. It puts people in the mood.

For this type of party a buffet type set up for food works best. If you will be serving alcoholic drinks make sure all of the liquor is out of reach of the children. You may want to have a separate dessert table. Be sure to have lots of Christmas cookies. You can buy paper or plastic plates and cups at dollar and discount stores which is perfect for this kind of party and you have less cleanup.

Christmas Party Tips:

  •  Play Christmas themed games such as Christmas trivia.

  •  Name the eight reindeer (Rudolph is not one).

  •  Give two other names for Santa Claus.

  •  What is the name of the little girl in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

  • Whose birthday is on Christmas (if your group is religious and nobody present might object)?

  • Why is Bethlehem a famous city?

  • Name three Christmas songs.

  • Why is Rudolph famous?

  • Where does Santa live (my nephew, age three, says “At the mall.”)?

  • Can you name all the gift in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” without singing the song?

  • Who wrote the poem “The Night Before Christmas”?

  • Finish the line, All I want for Christmas is_______.

  • Who was run over be a reindeer?

You can surely come up with questions of your own for this game. You may want to make two quizzes, one for older kids and adults and one for the little ones. The young kids could have adult help. Read the kids’ offbeat answers aloud. Every young child is a winner and gets a prize. You might have them pick a prize in the order of the most right answers to the least or youngest to oldest, whatever you think is best.

There are many ways to play the above game, depending on the ages of your guests. Another fun game for the kids would be pin the nose on Rudolph or put the beard on Santa. You could use more difficult questions for an adult version of the trivia game. Just remember, if you serve alcohol at your Christmas party, do not let anyone who has over indulged drive home from your house. Take her keys and drive her home yourself or call a taxi. You want your friend and everyone on the road to be safe. As you can see, proper planning is a vital part of how to throw a good Christmas party.