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Notification Email Letter Template Example

1. Include an easy way to be contacted for any questions about renewing the subscription, contract, etc.

2. Add a phone number where you can be easily reached in case the person has questions about the notification.

3. Separate the key information in the text so it is easy to find.

4. When creating the letter format, choose a simple layout where it is easy to find the relevant data.

Letter example

Subject line: notification of your ending subscription for the Cob building techniques magazine

Dear Mr. Martin,

We would like to inform you that your subscription for the weekly Cob building techniques magazine will expire next month, on the 5th of May. We would like to thank you for being our subscriber for a whole year. We hope that your experience with our Cob building magazine was a positive one.

To renew your subscription, please follow the link bellow. You can renew your subscription for another year now with a 15% discount. This offer is valid until the 25th of April.

Please contact us for any questions about the renewal.

Andrew Mena
Cob Building Society