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Nightmare Before Christmas Party Ideas

Kids are always impressed with the holidays and their excitement can be quite catchy. If you want to keep up with them and show that you are a modern mom, think about organizing a Nightmare before Christmas party.

This is a great theme for a children’s party and you will be amazed how great it will be if you just apply some of the advice that we are about to tell you.

In the beginning, you must think of the supplies that you will need for the party in course.

Just so you know: do not wait until Christmas eve, or you may be not able to find all that needed, just in the nick of time.

The Nightmare before Christmas is a very popular movie, and you will need to recreate as well as you can the atmosphere from the animated picture.

The theme of the movie may be quite dark, but, with the Halloween being so popular among children, you must not be surprised that the effects used in the movie impress so many.

So, if you want to recreate that atmosphere into your house for Christmas day, you will need appropriate decorations. Something that is more Halloween like will do just fine, but try to find something special, something that will blend together the two themes, that of Halloween, with that of Christmas, and see what your own imagination can do. Put a little play into place, and ask the kids coming to the party to wear costumes. They can imagine that they are the characters from the movie and they save Santa Claus. Make sure that they have plenty of fun and you will have some happy kids playing in your house on Christmas day.

One of the new Christmas/Halloween movie classics is A Nightmare Before Christmas. This is an animated movie that has a huge following. You can get printable Nightmare Before Christmas pictures at almost any site that has downloadable pictures of this movie. Some pictures are better then others. By this I mean some have very few and others have as much as over sixty photos.

No two people celebrate Christmas in the same way. Sure most of us have a tree, gifts, snowmen, Santa and other traditional items in our home, but why not take a less conventional approach to the decorating this year. This idea is especially good if you’re doing a children’s theme. You can read the Christmas Carol and watch Nightmare Before Christmas. You can also have a scavenger hunt using the pictures as clues to the next piece of treasure. If you really want to be different, you could have everyone that comes to the Christmas party dress up in costumes and have traditional Christmas food, but with a Halloween twist (i.e. – instead of having peppermint bark you could call it bloody bark).

Put toy spiders in the punch, etc. You could even have other adults in other rooms with small presents and the kids can go to different rooms and the adults can ask questions, either about A Nightmare Before Christmas or Christmas. It would be like a little trick or treat but at Christmas. Whatever you decide to do, be creative and let your imagination soar. With the printable Nightmare Before Christmas pictures you can come up with a lot of ideas to charm and excite your guests of any age at your next Christmas party. So have fun. Who said you have to go traditional at Christmas? Start your own tradition.


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