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Professional New Customer Email Letter Template

When you write to a new customer, it is especially relevant to appear professional. The first letter can make a big difference for further relations.

1. Avoid being ambiguous in such a letter. You should state straight what you offer to the client.

2. Speak directly to the customer, making sure that your reply is a one to one discussion. This will make the clients more interested and they will feel appreciated.

3. When creating such an email, pay attention to the letter format and layout. Don't forget that the addressing should be above the paragraphs in the left corner and your name on the bottom of the email. Also remember to leave a line after each paragraph in the letter.

4. Make the customers tempted by offering them a discount, a gift coupon or something of the kind.

5. Use an email address that the customers can easily reply to just by clicking on Reply.

Sample letter

Subject line: Thank you for your inquiry about the Green Witch-hazel Cream

Dear Mrs. Simon,

Thank you for your subscription and for your inquiry about our product, the Green Witch-hazel Cream.
You were wondering whether this cream is recommended for those who have an allergy reaction to glycol. Our products are free of all allergens, so you don't have to worry about being sensitive to this ingredient.

As a welcome to our shop we would like to offer you a discount of 15% to any item of your choice in our Green Cosmetics section.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


Matthew Burger
Green Drugs