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Free Printable Nautical Theme Wedding Downloadables

When the love of a couple is as boundless as the ocean, then the nautical theme wedding ideas are the perfect thing to make the fun and frolic come alive in the celebration of the love of a lifetime.

To be able to share the limitless happiness and togetherness with all the invitation of guests as well as fit in the homemade nooks into the chic and fun of the event, the nautical theme wedding is something that can be truly unmatched.

Being a wedding planner by profession I had to come up with the theme wedding ideas for many couples who are nowadays greatly interested in the nautical theme wedding ideas that are becoming more and more popular.

Let me share some of my experiences and advices that I have gathered during my years in this profession.

It is irrelevant to state that the choice of color for a good nautical theme wedding is the one that symbolizes the theme as closely as possible.

I thus mention the extensive use of white and blue to symbolize the boundless sea and give the theme a true color. The Navy has many symbolic props that we can use for the nautical themes.

The things that are very popular among the masses are generally navy napkins, navy placemats, and navy chair covers that can be made in valiant colors of blue and white and also have a touch of satin to mark the ceremony of the wedding celebrations. I have even come up with ideas of blue suits or blazers for the grooms and white trousers and beautiful embroidered gowns for the brides. Even a touch of pink to the feminine sides can make the decorations as well as the dress look very beautiful to have a good nautical theme wedding in place.

I often suggest sea facing resorts that have banquet amenities for organizing these theme weddings. The beach can in it be a great addition to the theme for a superb celebration for the wedding giving the idea a fun filled souls for the couple as well as the invitation of guests. The decorations include extensive use of wild weeds, pink roses, shells and maybe even fishing nets to bring in the theme alive.

Little distracted anchors here and there, or even careless placement of sailing commodities can make the arrangement just perfect for this beautiful theme. The wedding cake can be none other than in the shape of a great ship with a couple standing on its deck and it is something that is really romantic as well as closest to the theme.

Thus I can tell you with utmost confidence that the nautical theme wedding ideas are simple and being creative is the baseline for this wonderful event to be celebrated in real style via this great theme.

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