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Murder mystery party Decorations and Invitations

Murder mystery parties are usually for adults, where each person has a character and they let the story to unfold depending on the role each character decides to take.

The party evolves around this game, and sometimes it also comes with a buffet and drinks so people or some snacks for the guests. Such parties can be also great for kids. Some people decide to have a murder mystery party for their birthday, but it can be held on a regular weekend as well.

1. Party Decorations

For a mystery murder party you need decorations to set the atmosphere. You can find such printable decorations online, together with printable murder mystery games.

You can find banners, signs and invitations as well that you can simply print. For kids murder mystery parties you can get for instance printable footprints and paper decorations that you can hang on the wall. 

2. Party Games

If you are hosting a party for adults, you can write you own mystery story or get a box game. Each person will have their own character that they have to keep a secret. A mystery murder game is like role playing, where nobody really knows what the end of the story will be, that's what makes it exciting. Remember that during this game you have to forget small talk and your daily issues. You have to be in your character all the time, this way the whole experience can be very authentic.

Before you start the game, you have to write a script. Make sure that it is scary and interesting as well. There are certain companies where you can buy scripts from if you feel you cannot come up with something yourself. The game is even more fun if you also make it a costume party, such as with costumes evoking a certain era or century.

The games for a kids murder mystery party can be similar, just less scary and easier to follow. The plot should be more simple and you should give more clues, so the kids can find out who the villain is. If the kids are younger, you can get a murder mystery board game instead.

3. Party Invitations

For a murder mystery party you can get really cool looking invitations. You can make them look like a scroll for example with a wax seal. You can also use invitations that you can customize and download: choose one with a scary font. A lot of invitations for such parties come with blood prints, letters written in red ink and with a black background.

For kids you can get invitations with a detective on it and with footprints.

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