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Motorcycle Wedding Theme Ideas

I am a person who love to have fun to the fullest and thus was in the lookout of something that would mean complete fun in a wedding.

Motorcycle theme wedding ideas are just something that I would love to incorporate in my wedding.

What are you thinking? Isn’t it a strange theme?

But, believe me, Motorcycle theme wedding ideas would have everything from homemade nooks to the coolest fun making with the invitation of guests all in one complete package. Let me explain to you in details about it.

Summers would be the greatest season to plan such a theme wedding. The wedding attires would definitely require being impressive of the theme and thus leather pants, cool jackets, sunglasses, leather gloves and what not. It would surely fill you up with complete thrill.

Download Free Printable Motorcycle Wedding Invitation

After the wedding vows, the groom can ride of the bride in a fabulous bike to mark off the theme to the invitation of guests so that the homemade nooks are also not forgotten during the customs and ceremonies. Even the invitation cards can be in the shape of helmets to make the guests aware of the fun package of this theme coming across them.

The cake, especially, can be of the shape of a bike in itself! What do you say; such a different and exclusive idea to plan, right? The wedding favors can be small mementoes in the shapes of little bikes with the couple’s names engraved upon them, as a remembrance and note of thanks to the invitation of guests.

A Harley would be just the perfect choice, I am sure! Small pegs in the shape of helmets would be present to distribute the wine and make the theme endorse the appetite of the guests as well. I am just fully thrilled about the entire idea.

Printable Motorcycle Invitations

You want to feature your love for motorcycles in you wedding and the invitations but are wondering how to go about doing that? One way is to create your own printable homemade motorcycle wedding invitations. If your favorite bike is a Harley, take a look at our Harley Davidson template.

Once you have settled on a design your next task will be to find a verse that fits your theme. Something along the lines of:

Join us as we
roar into marriage…

Free Printable Harley Davidson Wedding Invitation

Download and Print Motorcycle Wedding Invitation Template 

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