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Mexican Theme Wedding Ideas

Going a little "south of the border" for your unique wedding reception may be a great idea when you want to receive your guests in a festive atmosphere.

A Mexican theme wedding is all about joyful colors and fun. Starting with the location, you can make your dream wedding come true.

If you settled for a Mexican theme wedding, you can go for a Spanish-style house or you can organize the wedding at your place, if you have a spacious garden.

Also, tradition is the name of the game.

There are many Mexican traditions that you can integrate in your wedding, like the romantic part, when the maid of honor and the best man put a rope over the newly married couple to show that they now become one undivided entity.

Part of tradition can be instilled in your Mexican theme wedding by the music played. Usually, the members of the family start the dance night with La Marcha and fiesta goes on till morning, with cumbias, corridas, meringue and so on. You will love the energy this music gives you and your guests!

When you plan the decorations, remember to design everything in bright, vivid colors, and do not hesitate to use orange or turquoise. When you send out the invitations for your wedding, give your guests hints that this is going to be a Mexican theme wedding, by replacing the word ‘reception’ with ‘fiesta’, and ‘Mr.’ and ‘Ms.’ and ‘Mrs.’, with ‘Senor’, ‘Senora’ and ‘Senorita’.

Your fiesta wedding will not be complete without the food. So put on the tables, some tortillas, enchiladas and the traditional biscochos, which are the well known Mexican wedding cookies. Be sure that with all these traditional Mexican foods, your wedding reception will be well spicy!

Do not forget about the dress! A wedding’s gown must also reflect the bountiful of colors. Also, the girl with the flower and the boy with the ring must be dressed as the bride and the groom.

Family members, if they want, can dress up in Mexican fashion to complete the general effect. Putting some of the Mexican traditions in your wedding or all that you can think of is up to you. Either way, you will impress your guests with your Mexican theme wedding!


About Destination Weddings in Mexico

Destination package weddings are becoming more and more popular and one of the most popular places for this type of wedding is Mexico. Once you have chosen Mexico, you will need to determine your wedding budget as this will influence where you can hold your Destination wedding Mexico, since some sites in Mexico are more expensive than others. Before you sign a contract, you should try to visit the site of choice at least once before the wedding date.

Take advantage of this time to meet with the wedding planner /coordinator, to settle the details, and make any last minute changes. Make sure that you, the groom, both sets of parents, the maid of honor and the best man, all have valid up-to-date passports. While all Mexican civil marriages are recognized without question in the United States. The regulations vary by state and city. Your Mexican wedding coordinator/ planner can help you with this aw well as all other aspects of your wedding from hair appointments to flowers and music.

However there are certain rules governing the wedding itself. Before leaving for Mexico, have the nearest Mexican Consulate validate all of your documents, birth certificates, divorce papers etc. if applicable. The basic Mexican requirements are :a: current passport a certified copies of both parties birth certificates, health certificates, and blood tests the (hotel will help with this since it must be done in Mexico.)

Four witnesses their names addresses ages occupation and photo IDs. Names addresses, nationalities ages and occupations of both sets of parents Usually, there is a 2-4 day waiting period, which must be spent in Mexico, however it could be a shorter wait if you have a Mexican wedding coordinator. If you have been married before, Mexican law requires that at least one year has elapsed since the divorce was finalized and you must have a certified a certified copy of the decree .If either party is widowed you will need a certified copy of the death certificate, and again a year must have elapsed since the death of the spouse.

If you choose a destination wedding Mexico, your destination wedding package will provide some of the most beautiful sites in the world.

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