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Making Chain Friends Paper Dolls

Friend paper dolls are dolls that hold hands. They are connected because of the way they are cut out of paper.

Friends paper dolls are easy to make and they are a great decoration for birthday parties or any other party as well.

They are also lots of fun, since after making them you can also make clothes for them. Making friends paper dolls is a great family activity.

1.    To make dolls holding hands you will need some banner paper, colored paper, a pair of scissors, markers, colored pencils and crayons, and some glue.

2.    Cut the banner paper 15 by 24 inches.

3.    Fold it in two and then again in two starting from the left side of the paper. Fold it again until you get about a 5 inches wide sheet of paper.

4.    Hold it vertically and draw half of a doll on it with a marker.

5.    The arms and legs of the doll should reach all the way from one end of the paper to the other.

6.    Now cut out the half doll that you have created.

7.    Open it up, and you will find that now you have four dolls holding hands.

8.    Now you can decorate it the way you like it.

9.    You can get colored paper to make skirts, pants and other clothes for the dolls.

10.    Glue the colored paper on the doll.

11.    You can use triangles and squares for skirts and tops.

12.    After you have added clothing, draw eyes, nose, mouth and hair for the dolls using pencils or crayons.