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Making Business Card Template in Illustrator

Making your own business cards is quite easy. There are several programs that you can use in order to create your card.

For tutorials of other programs look at the main page of this website.

This tutorial will explain step by step how to create a professional business card by using Illustrator.

If you are familiar with this program it will be an easy job, if you have never used it, you also won’t have too much difficulty.

Whether you have a template that you want to edit or you have images and logos that you would like to use, in the end you will have a nice business card.

1. Open Illustrator and then open a logo or an image that you want to use.

The standard business card size is 2 by 3.5. also remember that the image and information itself should not be too close to the margins of the card: stay within 1.75×3.25 inches. It is also a good idea to have an area called the bleed area, which is usually an eight of an inch (to each side). It is important to remember these lines when you are creating your design, especially the margin.

2. Edit the elements of the template that you are using.

Make sure that the logo or the image that you use is not too big: you have to have space for the text as well, which contains the essential information. Use the Text button on the left toolbox to start writing. Hold down Shift as you drag the text.

3. On the right side of the screen you can use the color palette to color the text.

4. Make sure you have the web address in a prominent place.

For example you can use a box with the box tool on the left hand side toolbar, and use contrasting colors, like you see here.

5. Now you can add the bleed.

To do this, drag the images and logos out that meet the margin.

6. You can use the rulers to see whether everything is aligned and meet in the middle.

7. Remember to add some service related information at the end, preferable underneath the contact information.

8. If you want to change the orientation of the card and create for example a vertical card, go to File, Document Setup, Orientation.

You can adjust the images accordingly.


See more detailed instructions: