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Easy Instructions How to Make a Personalized Candy Bar Wrap

How to Make a Personalized Candy Bar Wrap

The following instruction will show you how to make a very nice candy bar wrapper using just a few simple things.

You may either read them or watch the videos, whatever is easier for you.

For this project you will need:

  • candy bar
  • piece of designer series paper
  • sticky strip tape
  • scallop circle punch

  • scissors
  • multi-purpose liquid glue
  • vintage faceted button
  • glue dots
  • stretch riffle trip
  • dimensionals
  • happy birthday label stamp
  • label punch bundle



  1.     Take a piece of designer series paper, and on one side put a sticky strip tape. Pull the tape up and place the candy bar in the middle of the wrap paper. First wrap the side of the paper without a sticky tape and then take the other side with a sticky tape and line up the edge. The candy bar is now wrapped.

  2.      The next step is to make a flower with a scallop circle punch. Make one larger flower and the other a bit smaller.

  3.     Then take scissors and snap up each petal of the flowers. When the flowers are prepared glue them together with a little of multi-purpose liquid glue.

  4.    Then take a vintage faceted button and stick it on the flower with glue dots.

  5.     Then take a stretch riffle trim that coordinates with the flower and the paper and with a glue dot place it on the wrapper. To attach the flower to the paper use the dimensionals.

  6.     At the end, take happy birthday label stamp, punch it and glue it to the candy wrapper.

Tutorial how to make a candy bar wrapper for birthdays

The following text will show you how to create amazingly wonderful candy bar holder that can be used for Valentine day, birthday or any other event.

The material you need:

  • a piece of designer series paper
  • envelope punch board
  • trimmer
  • sticky strip
  • elastic ribbon




  1.     Take a designer series paper and the envelope punch board which will help you cut the envelope out of the paper.

  2.     Line the paper up to the desired measure, punch and score, then slide the paper to another measure and again punch and score. Then turn the paper to the opposite side, punch and score. Again slide the paper to another measure, punch and score.

  3.     When you have punched and scored all sides of the paper, fold the score lines to make the box shape.

  4.     Cut off the sides of the paper that are large. Do that on both sides of the paper.

  5.     Take a sticky strip which will help you hold the sides of the box together.

  6. At the end, take the elastic ribbon and wrap it around the candy bar holder to make it look more beautiful.

How to wrap a Hershey candy bar

The next instruction will show you how to wrap a Hershey candy bar with a personalized wrapper/label and a foil.

You will need:

  • a foil
  • a wrapper
  • roll on tape



  1.     Take a foil and turn it upside down.

  2.     Place the candy bar in the middle of the foil, take both sides and pulled them up. With your fingers press the folded paper.

  3.    Then take the bigger side of the paper and fold it up, flip the candy bar over and rub it on the hard surface so you don’t have to glue it.

  4.   The next step is to put a wrapper around the foil. Glue the bottom edge of the wrapper with a roll on tape. Make sure that the side you have folded last is not on the top.

  5.  Line up the wrapper; bring the back of the wrapper over, line up the sides and press. The candy bar is now wrapped.

Step by step instruction how to create a candy bar holder for mini Kit Kat candy bars

If you want to make candy bar holder for mini Kit Kat candy bars, the following tutorial will help you do it easily.

Needed material:

  • mini Kit Kat candy bars
  • scallop circle punch
  • a cardstock in different colors
  • a cardstock cutter



  1.     Cut your cardstocks at desired measure.
  2.    Score them in order to fold them on these scores to make the candy bar holders.
  3.    When you have done folding, take some tape and place it on the shorter edge of the cardstock.
  4.  Place the Kit Kat candy bar on the cardstock and close it up.
  5.  Then take another cardstock in other color and punch out a round.
  6.  Cut a flower-shaped punch. This flower-shape should be in different color.
  7.  Put some tape on the scallop punch and place it on the round and stick it to the candy bar with a tape
  8.   Now take glitter foam sheet and cut any shape you like. Put it through the sticker machine to create a sticker.
  9.   Place that sticker on the punch and candy bar holder is done.

How to create a double slider candy bar wrapper

The next instruction will teach you how to make a double slider candy bar wrapper. For this project you will need the following material.

  • a piece of chocolate
  • a plastic grocery bag
  • a bone folder
  • rhinestones
  • stamp set (of your choice)
  • a sponge
  • early espresso ink
  • red stamping marker
  • sticky strip
  • a circle punch
  • a crumb cake cardstock
  • a paper cutter with scoring and cutting blade



1.    Cut and score a cardstock at desired measure.

2.    Fold all the scored lines inwards.

3.    Then cut the strip out of the plastic grocery bag.

4.    Take the cardstock again and fold the left side. Then fold the strip over that side of the wrapper and piece them together with a sticky strip.

5.    Cut another part of the sticky strip and place it on the bottom of the strip made of the plastic bag. Stick the chocolate bar on the sticky strip.

6.    Then take another part of the cardstock that you have previously cut at desired measure, take an early espresso ink and with a sponge color all the edges of the cardstock.

7.    The next step is to take a stamper and ink it up with an early espresso ink. Place the stamper towards the bottom.

8.    Now take the candy wrapper again and place the sticky strip towards the top on the inside part of the wrapper. Attach the cardstock with a stamp to the inner side of the wrapper facing the part with a stamp on the bottom.

9.    The next step that you have to do is to place a sticky strip on the other side of the wrapper.

10.  Before you stick the sides of the wrapper together, cut the half circle on the top of the wrapper with a punch in order to pull the chocolate up and down.

11.  Close up the candy bar making sure not to stick the side of the wrapper to the candy bar otherwise the slider won’t work.

12.  Double slider candy bar wrapper is now finished and when you pull up the candy at the same time the slider slides down.

13.  At the end, you can decorate your candy wrapper as you like.