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Mailchimp Review and Free HTML Business Email Templates

Mailchimp is one of the most popular websites that has email templates to offer.

With 3 million users, it has become an indispensable part of companies and private users as well.

So what does Mailchimp do and why does it have so many users?

This website helps you create emails in an easy way.

It surely happened to you that you had to write a cover letter or a letter to your new clients, and you had no idea how to begin.

While sometimes you can find tips and advice online about writing certain specific letters, these sources are not always reliable. However, Mailchimp will not let you down, and if you need to write newsletters, or you want to reach new clients and see the results, this is the best choice.

Main features:

          Now you can learn another way of sending emails. One of the best features of Mailchimp is that it will make writing, sending and following results of emails much easier. It will make a big change in your company and in your career as well. Not only that it will be easier for you, but it will be also more successful: your clients or the person you are writing to will enjoy the emails as much as you do.

Yes, these email templates will make you look professional, which is a very important aspect not only if you are a business man, but also if you are looking for a job for instance. In both of these cases making mistakes is not permitted: on the other hand a perfectly written letter will make a difference.

Sending letter to new clients:

A lot of people who use Mailchimp are leaders of enterprises and companies who want to make sure that they reach out to their clients in a professional way. With the help of this website you can customize your sign up form, and integrate it into your face book page and other social websites. Facebook integration can help you get more fans and followers.

With apps such as the Chimpadeedoo you can manage your list of subscribers even when you are out of office. Sign-up forms and confirmation emails that you find here can be fully customized. Tracking your results is another great feature of this website. You will be able to see through Mailchimp whether your campaign was successful and how many new clients you have been able to reach.

Using the templates of Mailchimp:

          When you visit this website, one of the first things you can try is finding a template and customizing it. There are plenty of templates to choose from: hundreds of all kinds. There are some for beginners and some for pros as well. When you customize these email templates you can add images, logos and you can store these on Mailchimp free of charge.

Besides this there is also an easy editor for customizing the templates, which works with a drag and drop technique. This way you can organize and create your emails exactly the way you want.

How to get started:

          You can start by looking at the free basic templates that you can download. You can then edit them in your own program, since these are simple HTML templates. They have been tested in all the major email providers, so you can be sure that they will work. You can simply click download and then edit them in your text editor. Then you can add your own images and logos as well.

You can also try the drag and drop editor software that Mailchimp offers. It will be easier to edit templates this way. It is optimized for mobile phone as well and it has a side by side preview. There is also a built in photo editing feature. You need to sign up if you want to try this program, but there is also a preview of it if you are curious how it works.

Once you have signed up to Mailchimp you will be able to see all the designer templates that they have available. You need to pay the monthly subscription fee to use these templates.


          In order to start using Mailchimp, you need to sign up. There are designer templates that you can take a look at before you start signing up: they will make you look like a pro! Some more simple basic templates can also be found here, and these you can download for free. You can get a monthly subscription to be able to use Mailchimp with all its features. There are various price packages and they vary between $10 and $240. If you want unlimited access to all the features available, you need to purchase the more expensive subscription and enjoy the offers freely.

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