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Unique Printable Las Vegas Homemade Wedding Invitation

If you are planning to get married in Las Vegas you will of course want your invitations to reflect that.

The type of invitation you choose will depend on the level of formality you are planning. You need to check for the perfect unique Vegas homemade wedding invitation template online. There are several delightful Vegas designs available.

For formal weddings you may want a Calla Lily, rose or other floral design. A photo of a Nevada desert sunset would also be perfect for a formal or semi-formal invitation. For a casual fun invitation, you may want to use typical Las Vegas symbols.

They can include slot machine with a “jackpot” of three hearts, the king and queen of hearts, dice with 2 ones facing, a bride and groom in front of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, or a bride and groom in a convertible at a drive through wedding chapel.

An option available to you is to download a free template, from our site. Then all you need to do is type in the wording of your choice and you will be ready to print your own cheap unique wedding invitations. In this instance cheap does not mean poor quality but low in cost.You probably think you don’t have the time or talent to take on a project like this.


Download Las Vegas Wedding InvitationTemplate

You may want to create your own wording that reflects the Las Vegas scene.This was used on an invitation that had the king and queen of hearts:

Jade Marie Hollings
Eric James Miley
Invite you to share
Their joy
As they play the perfect hand
And are married
At XXXX Wedding Chapel
Reception to follow

  You can have a Vegas styled wedding right in your hometown. After the wedding, the reception could include any gaming you might find interesting as well as a show or two.

Announce your special theme wedding with any of the free printable Vegas wedding invitation designs here!  You will find that perfect card with a modern and custom look to match your wedding needs.

Since free is more affordable for the bride and groom, you will have some extra cash to play a few games yourself. Win the jackpot when you print your own wedding invitations.

The cards can have a verse of your choice with a special wording inviting your guests to the wedding of a lifetime. They will think they are going to Vegas when they see you invitation and when they arrive at the reception, watch their eyes light up with delight when the gaming starts.

Las Vegas Wedding Theme Ideas

Las Vegas theme wedding ideas are so fun to think about if you are planning this type of wedding. My son and his father were the big contributors to this part of the wedding.

They had so many ideas such as Elvis impersonators for singing and entertainment, casino games, slot machines and even a laser light show. It was amazing to see two grown men have so much fun deciding how a wedding was going to be. It was somewhat scary as well. The invitation cards and designs were left to my future daughter-in-law, which was a good thing.

Well, as it turned out, they decided on a Las Vegas nights theme and had casino games and slot machines. All who attended enjoyed the reception. I was thankful that we did not see the Elvis impersonator and just had a DJ that played different types of music including many Elvis songs.

The wedding ceremony was short and sweet because this was what they wanted and then it was off to dinner and gambling. Everyone had a great time at this wedding. The wedding party was the first at the tables and then the guests followed after.

  Of course, the wedding ceremony took on the look of the Little Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and the reception looked like it was out of the MGM.

  It was a nice wedding, one I had never been to before and it was a delightful wedding day for our families. The ideas can come from everywhere, but you need to keep it a little tame for all the guests to enjoy. Make your own fun when you design your own wedding invites.