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Free Printable Labor Day Party Invitations & Decorations

Labor Day Party Ideas

The origin of Labor day goes all the way back to the 1880s. It is still celebrated today, but its aim has changed a bit in time.

It was originally a day to honor workers who have done so much for the country. People have barbecues on this day and they spend it with friends and family.

 Labor day is in the beginning of September, the perfect time for a party. It is still warm enough to have a pool party or a barbecue outside, but not too hot. Such a party is mostly an outdoors party.


a. Labor Day Party Games

It is not uncommon to play sports during Labor day. Depending on how many people are invited, you can make it a party of sports. For example you can play football, softball and volleyball, but other sports such as horseshoes and croquet are also quite popular.

 Another great activity for this day is organizing a day trip somewhere. Everybody will be happy to spend some time away in nature.

If non of these sound appealing and you just want to relax, organize a pool party. You cannot go wrong with that!
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b. Labor Day Party Decorations

The party decorations for labor day are similar to the ones from the 4th of July. There are many decorations in the colors of the country, but other popular colors are orange, brown, gold and other warm earth colors.

On such a day there are a lot of candles and lanterns as well all around, since the parties last until late in the evening. The mood is set with colorful lights that can be seen from far away.

There are printable labor day decorations such as centerpieces, flags, signs and table decorations in the patriotic colors.

c. Labor Day Party Invitations

 You can get free printable invitations for labor day, such as ones in the patriotic colors, red blue and white. Anything else that is featuring the flag or stars is also suitable for this occasion.

You can choose the invitations according to the theme that you like the most: if you have a pool party you can choose the cards accordingly, and if you have a barbecue party make sure you look for barbecue related invitations.

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