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Kids Pirate Birthday Party Invitation Template

Most kids love pirates, so why not throw them a pirate theme birthday party?

It’s easy to get supplies for it, and you can do it without spending too much money.

This kind of party is popular among boys up until 12.

1. Pirate Birthday Theme Party Invitations

 If you want to be really original you can buy plastic bottles and place hand written invitations of parchment like paper in them. However, you can be creative in a simpler and less time consuming way as well.

You can simply look for free printable invitations with the pirate theme that can be customized and print them out at home. The nicest pirate theme party invitations can feature a treasure map, pirates, ships, jolly rogers, flags with a skull and chests filled with treasure.

If you want to be really original and you have some time at hand, once you have printed the invitations out, you can burn their edges with a lighter to make them seem older. You can add a map that looks like a treasure map to the envelope and that leads to your house! Adding a chocolate coin to each envelope is also a fun idea.

 Kids Pirate Party Invitation Card 

 Kids Pirate Greeting Card Template

 Kids Pirate Square Garland

Kids Pirate Party Flyer Invitation

 Kids Pirate Favor Label Sticker 

 Kids  Pirate Gift Tag Template

 Kids Pirate Place Card

 Kids Pirate Return Addres Label

Kids Pirate RSVP Party Card

 Kids Pirate Party Thank You Card Template

 Kids Pirate Coloring Greeting Page

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1. Pirate Birthday Theme Party Games

What could fit better for a pirate theme party than treasure hunt? You can simply draw a map and hide some sweets around the yard or house, and let the kids look for it. You can hide various clues and write them on parchment paper, and then hide them. For the big treasure you can have a box of chocolate coins or something similar. It’s easy to organize and the kids will love it! It is also a good game to play in the house if the weather is bad.

Walk the plank is another classic pirate game. Get a plank and two blocks (they don’t need to be high), some blue paper for water and paper crocodiles and sharks. You can place the plank on the blocks outside or inside the house, and put the blue paper underneath it: this will be the water filled with sharks. Children have to be blindfolded, and who falls in the water loses!


2. Pirate party supplies and decorations

A pirate birthday party is not a real party without the costumes. When you buy supplies for the party, don’t forget about eye patches, skull necklaces and rings, head scarves, fake hoop earrings, pirate hats, fake pirate tattoos and message-in-the-bottle necklaces. Many of these can be quite cheap, and they can be made even at home, such as paper pirate hats etc.

Decorations for a pirate birthday party can be bought from special stores that sell such supplies (banners, cutouts and so on with pirates on them). You can also look yourself for something to make the party more authentic with: chocolate coins, seashells, bottles with a letter in them and stuffed parrots are great items that can make the party come alive. You shouldn’t have trouble finding these for decoration. You can make a flag yourself with your child before the birthday party: for this you only need some fabric paint and a piece of fabric.

3. Pirate party food

 It is easy to convert regular recipes so they can fit the pirate theme! You can make deviled eggs for example using your usual recipe, and add a toothpick and a paper triangle as the sail for the little boats, which are the eggs.

For sweets you can buy chocolate coins, which you can find in almost any store. Buy lots of these and place them in a bowl, or scatter them randomly around the table. It will look like pirate treasure!

You can also make fish snacks, using crackers with cream cheese spread and adding fish shaped crackers on top. If you find other sea-animal crackers, use them as well!

For sweets you can make cupcakes and decorate each with a chocolate coins, small pirate flags or plastic swords. You can do the same thing with the cake! With some colorful fondant you can easily cut out skulls and swords.