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7 Free Printable Kids Coloring Pages and Books

As you already know, children absolutely love coloring. You give a child a coloring book at any age and I am sure that they will spend hours just trying to stay within the lines.

Once they are done, they will hand over that picture to you, and you can stick it proudly on that refrigerator door!

So, what do children actually like to color? Well, pretty much anything really. As you can probably guess, children are not that fussy.

You should try and ask them about their interests. I am sure that you will find a coloring book or printable coloring pages to suit.

If they are not willing to share their interests (some children are not) then try and find a coloring book or a website dedicated to their favorite character or animals.

I am sure that you will find plenty of things for them to color in there. If you are quite an artist then you will also be able to draw them a couple of images too! Be prepared for them to ruin your fine artwork though. 

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Thanksgiving Party Kids Coloring Page

Children after all do have quite a habit of coloring 'outside of the lines'.

Can't afford coloring books? Well, there are plenty of websites out there which will allow you to download and print coloring pages for free. This will ensure that you have something to give your child on a 'rainy day'.

When it comes to coloring try and give your child a big a selection of coloring materials as you possibly can. This means a wealth of colors that they can use to color in their works of art. The more colors you have on that table, the more creative you are allowing them to be. You will actually be surprised at how good a child is at matching up colors to their 'real life' counterparts too!

One suggestion here though; you should try and veer away from giving your child coloring pens. These tend to break quite easily (trust me, children are quite rough when they are coloring). A good set of coloring pencils (make sure you sharpen them for your child) or even a good set of wax crayons should be more than enough.

There are many parents out there who will leave a child to their own devices when it comes to coloring. There are also a few who will take an active role in the activity because it gives them a chance to 'bond' with their child. The route that you go down is completely up to you. I tend to prefer the latter because it involves me interacting with the child which I find really helps their creativity.

Why not print out a couple of kids coloring pages today? If they like it you can always go out and purchase a couple of coloring books. Always keep a good list of websites handy full of printable materials though. After all, if your child loves coloring a lot, you will never be able to supply them with enough books!

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