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Kids Beach Party Invitation Template

A beach party is one of the best choices if you decide to organize a birthday party in the summer.

1. Kids beach party invitations

If you live close to the beach, don’t let such an opportunity get away!

Kids will rejoice when they get the invitations for the beach party, so make sure you get the right invitations with lovely designs.

These can be invitations with images of the beach, beach balls, the blue sea and sunset. Invitations with sunglasses and palm trees also fit for such a party.

Make sure you choose colorful ones, after all these reflect the fun the most!

Don’t forget to add the exact details of the place where the party is going to be held, after all it might be harder to find than your house. Write a description so each kid can follow the directions easily and find the place of the party. You can add a beach theme sticker to the envelope.

Kids Beach  Party Invitation Template

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Kids Beach Favor Label

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2. Beach Party Games

        It’s easy to keep the kids active on the beach! You won’t need to do too much besides supervising: the water and the sand will do most of the entertaining. To give kids more options for games you can purchase squirt guns and divide them into groups. They can then have a water gun fight!

If the kids are younger, beach shovels and buckets will be enough for them to play all day long on the beach. You can have a sandcastle contest game, where everybody can make a sandcastle and the nicest one wins a price.

If there are seashells around the beach, you can have a game where everyone has to collect as many seashells as they can and later they can compare how many they found and which ones are the nicest ones. If the kids are older, such as over 7 years old, you can make some crafts from the seashells they have collected: you will only need some string and some superglue to create hanging decorations.

3. Beach Party Supplies and Decorations

There are many things that can make this party more fun. The most important supplies for this party are colorful balloons, which the kids can play with on the beach, small beach chairs made of plastic, beach balls, beach umbrellas, inflatable toys, blankets, sand buckets and shovels to build sandcastles. You can also get some disposable cameras to make the whole thing more fun. Don’t forget about enough sunscreen either!

Since such a party will be held at the beach, you don’t need decorations really. The most important parts of the setting will be the sand, the sun and the water anyway. If you bring along the toys and supplies mentioned above, it should be enough for a fun time!

  4. Beach Party Food

 Picnic food or barbecue is the most suitable for a beach party. Make some burgers and some hot dogs for the kids or simply pack some sandwiches. For such a party having enough to drink is very important because it will be hot. Besides juice and sodas make sure there is also enough bottled water. You will also need a cooler.

For something sweet you can serve fruit smoothies and fruit salads. Cupcakes cannot be missing from the party either! Add some fruit as topping to make them more summery. For the cake you can use beach related fondant decorations and cake toppings, such as a beach balls or seashells made of sugar. If you have enough time and you feel creative, you can purchase special cake forms and bake cakes in the shapes of fish, beach ball or shell. A sandcastle cake can be also amazing and with the right decorations you can make it from scratch!

Another thing that cannot be missing from the beach party is ice cream. You can have various flavors so everybody can choose their favorite!