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Free Printable Jewish Wedding Card Templates

Beautiful Jewish weddings are held all over the world, and they are also very interesting because of their unique ceremony.

Both the bride and the groom has to be Jewish, or one of them has to convert. Both of them wear white during the process, symbolizing purity. Traditional weddings take place under the bridal canopy.

An interesting custom is covering the bride: the veil covers her face completely so nobody can see her during the long ceremony. This is supposed to protect her from evil eyes. At the end of the wedding the groom has to break a glass with his foot, stepping on it, which is supposed to bring good luck for the couple. The highlight of the Jewish weddings are the dances that are very specific as well. It is great to finish a wedding this way! It is all topped with a huge feast where everybody celebrates the joining of the young couple.

For a Jewish wedding card you can use one that has the star of David on it, or a scroll wedding card. A lot of Jewish wedding cards have a decorative, stylized version of the start as a decoration or in the background. Many of these cards have some words or sayings in Yiddish. With such a card you can say congratulations in a more traditional way.

Free Printable Jewish Wedding Greeting Card Template

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