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Italian Theme Wedding Ideas and Downloadables

Italian theme weddings give a room for a lot of imagination, great food, music and decor...

I came to know of the Italian theme weddings from my friend John. 

From him I learned that no matter if one is getting married to a person from Italy or arranging the wedding in Italy itself, the air must have the smell and aura of the theme of the Italian celebration of this grand event.

With homemade nooks and invitations to pour in, John did take care to make his theme truly first class!

The bouquet of ethnicity and traditions, legitimacy, the Italian marriage theme has it all! The Italians way to make a wedding actually unforgettable is through the fondness of good quality food and drinks.

Indeed in an Italian theme kind of wedding the primary center of attention needs to be the food, beyond doubt. He had made arrangements for the specialties and their arrivals also in the theme manner.

He took care that the invitations go to each and everyone who has been throughout a lover of food also! However care was given to make the food look perfectly homemade so that people can savor them more and more. The food was served course after course to the guests. Indeed I was amazed by the presence of nearly twelve courses.

There were chicken, pork sausages, antipasto, pasta, prawns and a great overburden of delicious Cheese to be savored with specially prepared bread in Italian style! To top this there was the main theme, the Italian style wedding cake with several layers on top of another and the peak having the miniatures of the couple in sugary formation. That’s the sweetness of the theme itself, says John.

Music plays a vital role in a theme of the Italian style. The invitations were given to singers to sing during the reception and dinner. This followed dancing and I witnessed the guests mingle in the beautiful flow of the Italian music and enjoy fully to the brim of this theme that my friend had arranged for his wedding. Finally as the occasion drew to a completion, my friend explained that an Italian theme wedding is unfinished if there are no small gifts of thank given to the guests.

Small gifts, to the like of homemade cookies or little chocolates or anything has to be given to thank the people to attend the invitation and making the Italian theme wedding idea a success. Thus it happened here too and the evening closed with an air of happiness and success to the Italian theme wedding idea!

Theme Tuscan Wedding Ideas

  Many people love Tuscany, a region from Italy, where vineyards, olive groves and castles are decorating the landscape. If you cannot organize a trip with your guests to Tuscany, to enjoy the local charm right from its source, consider organize a theme Tuscan wedding. If you do not know where to start, we are here to help you with some ideas.

We are sure that once you decide for a theme Tuscan wedding, you will not have any regrets: that day will be a day to remember for everyone, including your guests. Because Tuscany is made of great food and fine wine, consider organizing the wedding in a vineyard. If this is out of your reach, go for a garden or an Italian restaurant.

The banquet room should spell elegance from every corner, so decorate – in case you do not find one already designed in Tuscany style – with arches and columns. Now let’s talk about the colors for your wedding decorations. Gold is one of them, followed closely by a hue named Tuscan red and olive tones. Some grape designs may add to the charm. Use some grape shaped candles to decorate the tables, and put in the middle of each one bottles of wine.

As regarding foods, it is better to order some traditional Tuscan specialties from an Italian store that has such items. Special food will add special feeling to your theme Tuscan wedding. Go for some wines, jams and cheese, particular to Tuscany region. You can also serve bruschetta with tomatoes, or breads with dipping oils. Pizza can be on your menu and for sure, it will impress your younger guests that love this Italian food. The desserts will be all the rage at your wedding, if you include biscotti, cannoli, or spumoni on your menu.

The ambiance could not be complete without some Italian music. Search from something specific to the region. Also, integrate some Tuscan traditions, like having a bomboniere, or giving bags with odd number of almonds to the guests. We hope that you find these recommendations useful and that you will have a gorgeous theme Tuscan wedding!

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