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Free Invoice Email Template Sample

There are various programs that can make invoices for you, but you can also make a simple invoice in an easy way using Microsoft Word, Open Office, Excel or any text editor program.

If you work for a small company or you just started your individual business, it is essential to know how to create an invoice letter format.

You can do this right from your computer using your favorite word program, and it can be done in less than 10 minutes.


1. An invoice should contain your contact information. Include both email address and telephone number.

2. Make sure that the sum total in the invoice is visible and easy to see clearly.
3. Include all the services that you have provided to the customer in the specific time period.

4. The company logo or name should be at the top of the page. Use a bigger font if you only write the name, so the customer can see from the first moment after opening the letter what the invoice is about.

5. Bellow your personal contact information you should write the invoice number. It has to be on the right side of the page.

6. The date of the invoice should be underneath the invoice number.

7. Bellow the date of the invoice write the billing period and then the due date.
8. The details of the client have to be on the upper left side of the page. In an email you can omit this.

9. You can use a table to list all the services you have provided, if there are more. The table should contain the name and type of the services, the date, the rate, the hours and the amount.

10. The invoice total should be at the bottom of the page. Use bold to make it more visible.

11. Some invoices also contain the payment method, but this is optional, since it is usually found on the website of the company.


Subject Line: Your invoice from Antique Bookprinter

Antique Bookprinter
345 Park Drive
Greenville, 4596

Invoice number: AB 456657

Date:23rd of May, 2013

Period: 2nd of January-1st of May, 2013

Due: 1st of June







5th of April, 2013

1400 pages