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Wedding Invitation Clip Art

If you’d like to make your own custom invitations but can’t find a design image that you really love,look through our clipart. You will find a lovely flower couple for a different wedding themes.

Whether you are looking for something formal and elegant or images that are casual and fun, there is a clip art image to suit your needs.

You can find brides and grooms, wedding cakes, champagne glasses, wedding rings, bells, gifts, cupids, flowers, doves, churches and more.

Of course you will need to download a blank invitation template and import your clip art image and then find wording that compliments the them and tone of your wedding.

At one time clip art was primarily available only in black but we are seeing more and more color images. You can create wonderful custom invitations using clip art.


Free Wedding Clip Art

I was in charge of making sure that my cousin’s wedding was nothing short of a picture perfect affair.Such a responsibility involves a lot of attention to detail and the choice of free wedding clipart can really be a time consuming affair. It is very easy to dismiss them completely as just some decorative fad, but they contribute a lot to the charm of the event in their own way. I planned to stick them across invitations and scrapbooks, just beside a special little message to celebrate the grand spirit of the wedding. All I needed was the right designs for the job.

My cousin was always a hopeless romantic at heart and his wedding was a representation of love in its purest form. As a result, my clip art contents had to match the romantic atmosphere all around and convey the theme of the wedding to the guests. Valentine hearts and cupids with bows and arrows were standard designs but often expensive in shops. The best resource to use once more was the internet that delivered downloadable clip art for free and allowed me to work with a greater variety of choices. I was not restricted by lack of options as I could unlock my creativity to its fullest extent.The sites mostly contained the standard images and graphics decorations but they were often not upto my personal preferences.

I was looking for something that would be easy to download and print, so it can be easily attached to various objects for decorative designs. Finally, I came across a website that had the right set of collections keeping in tune with the romantic theme of the wedding. The colors were bright and lush and there were even beautiful sketches for an extra effect on certain creations. All of the designs were completely free of cost and could become a part of programs and reception cards. The portal helped me in getting the right choice for free wedding clipart, saving me a lot of time as well as further hassles.

J.B. Texas

Nautical Weddings Invitations Clip Art

Download Free Nautical Theme Wedding Invitation

I wanted nautical invitations for my wedding. I spent a lot of time going from shop to shop, asking people around, but I didn’t find anything that fitted the reception and the party of our wedding. All I found were invitations with the bride and groom and flowers painted on them, and they were all quite tacky and too shiny for my taste. After spending hours looking for invitations, I got quite annoyed and came home. Paper stationary is just too strange to fit with my taste: I like simple things. Since I don’t have any friends who got married recently I didn’t even know whom to ask for help with the nautical wedding invitations.

Since I found the invitations that I have been looking for so much here, I didn’t waste more time looking in other places. These downloadable and printable invitations were just like I imagined them to be. They were perfect for our wedding. I called my future husband and asked them to take a look and tell me what he thinks.

Fortunately he also liked them and we agreed that we will use them for our wedding. I printed them out and they also looked good on paper, great quality, not flaws whatsoever. After the computer finished printing I was relieved: finally I had my nautical wedding invitations.

Deborah K., MS