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Free Printable Indian Wedding Invitation Template

Like many other countries India is home to a number of religious and cultural groups such as Farman, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, South Indian and Christian influence.

This of course will lead to a large number of invitation designs.

No single unique Indian wedding invitation template is likely to be appropriate for all Indian couples.

So, we will discuss a few different templates and designs that you are free to print and use at absolutely no cost to you.

The design was a couple in a traditional Indian clothes. It was one of the most beautiful invitations I have seen and the bride’s mother handpainted them.

Mr. and Mrs. Ravi Kumar
invite you to join them
at the marriage of their daughter
Dr. Rajiv Gupta
on day, date, time
reception at xxx Hotel

If you are planning a wedding that will honor your Indian heritage check out our templates, designs and wording samples at our sute, all of which you are free to use as is or adapt to suit your needs, at absolutely no charge.It isn’t hard to make your own invitations once you have chosen your template, design and wording. All you need to do is sit down at your computer and print your project.

          The bride needs to paint her hands with a special color known as “Heena” or “Mehendi” that marks the holy event. Traditional Indian dress called “Saari” that is mostly red in color for the wedding needs to be worn by her as well along with traditional jewelry. Meanwhile we needed to get the traditional Indian dress for the groom, known as the “Kurta” or the “Sherwani”.

We had to arrange for the sacred pyre of fire around which the couple had to go seven times chanting their own seven vows of love for one another. Even the invitations were printed in traditional Indian paper shapely cut out in different traditional shapes!

Rich Indian Classical music need to flow in the air, the better would be if the arrangements are Live! Truly these were fantastic events that lay before us and you must also be astounded by the great planning and understanding of each item we went through. Another important factor that you need to incorporate and take into consideration during an Indian theme wedding is that of the meal. The dinner needs to incorporate a wide variety of sweetmeats and delicacies that are indeed mouth watering as well as beautiful in decorations too!

We made it a point to include some of these items and finalize the dinner with the traditional "Paan", the beetle-leaf mouth freshener. Planning an Indian theme wedding is a real hard work but you can be assured that the amount of grandeur it adds to a wedding would satisfy your heart to the highest degree.

Thomas Moore,

New Jersey

Download and Print Indian Wedding Invitation Template 

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