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Ideas For Nightmare Before Christmas Weddings

If you are looking for something quite unusual, you might want some ideas for nightmare before Christmas weddings.

Start with the invitations. Make them yourself using free pictures of the “Nightmare before Christmas” that are available.

You can use the picture on the front and place the wording inside. The cards will be more personal if you do them yourself.

The picture will give your guests an idea about the theme of your wedding, but also include it in the inside on a separate paper.

They can do the rest to decide what to give as a gift and how to dress.

Then you will need some ideas for Nightmare before Christmas weddings and gowns. Get some ideas for the groom and the bride by viewing pictures from the “Nightmare before Christmas” pictures.

If you are having a true theme party, you wan to dress accordingly. The dress can be similar or different from the theme if you prefer to have a different style wedding dress. Keep the groom as close to the theme as possible. This can be done by talking with a dress shop. Tell them what your theme is and let them show you some incredible designs.

The variations of Nightmare before Christmas wedding ideas and decorations are endless when you think about the theme. Look at some pictures to get some ideas about the type of decorations you can use. Because this is just a different theme for a wedding, you want it to be similar to the original theme. Take some time to see the different episodes of the “Nightmare before Christmas” to get the best ideas on how to decorate the hall and the tables. If this is your wedding them, it will be unique and original for the guests to enjoy as well as the bride and groom.

If you and your groom are noted as being quirky and are looking for an off-beat wedding theme, why not consider using some of these Nightmare Before Christmas wedding ideas. Let’s start with your wedding outfits. Your wedding will not soon be forgotten if you dress like Sally and Jack. If you will have a religious ceremony you may want to save the Nightmare outfits for the reception.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen could dress in similar clothing in different colors or styles. Jack and Sally cake toppers are available, but are considered collectors items and can be quite pricey.Try auction sites, you may get a good deal that way. Ask your baker if she can create a Jack and Sally cake for you. If you can’t find a topper look for a good colored picture that could be adhered to a cardboard or plastic disk that can be placed on top of the cake.

Halloween decorations like spider webs, bats and dark candles would be perfect for decorating the reception site. You may want to use Jack and Sally on your invitations and other items like thank you and reply cards. Invite your guests to come in costume. Also be sure that they know their costumes don’t have to come from the movie but the spookier the better, unless there will be young children at the reception. Older relatives and friends should probably be forewarned about the theme. Some may be upset, however most folks will enjoy the designs you use.

I hope these Nightmare Before Christmas wedding ideas are of some use to you in creating your nightmare wedding.

It is not uncommon to choose specific themes for a marriage. Apart from popular themes like Christmas weddings and Thanksgiving weddings, you can also come up with new and novel ideas for themes. If you want a wacky theme for your wedding, you can try some Halloween themes that are really fun too. For a really wacky and off beat theme, you can consider some Crazy Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Ideas. Keeping this Tim Burton’s stop motion film as the basis for the theme, you can design wedding dresses for the bride and the groom based on Sally’s and Jack’s costumes.

If you think it might be too unorthodox for the wedding ceremony, you can have it for the reception party instead. Even the best man and the bridesmaids can wear dresses similar in theme to complement the mood. You can have Jack and Sally cake toppers to add to the theme. You might have to enquire around to see where you can get such cakes done. A cake designed based on the theme would be one of the most Crazy Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Ideas.

To add to the mood, the decorations for the reception can also be based on the sets in the movie instead of using flowers as in traditional decorations. Decoration for Halloween parties would be most suited for the nightmare theme. Dark candles, spider webs, bats and weird artifacts can be added to create the right mood for the theme.

You can print equally wacky invitation cards that blend well with the theme for the wedding. The invitations would also forewarn more traditional guests to be on their guard for a few surprises.

Download and Print Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Invitation Template 

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