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Ideas and Free Printables for Fishing Theme Weddings

Theme weddings are always an event in their own special way.

A celebration of life like the wedding needs to be hailed with the best in your hands and thus I always believe that you must choose some great event to make more and more memorable.

I recall some of very beautiful wedding theme parties I had attended and many of them were real great ones too!

One of the themes that I appreciated a lot is that of my cousin.

We had planned for it for months and had battered our minds to come up with some theme that would be truly unique.

At last we came up with something that I had ample reasons to rejoice the choice, a fishing theme wedding. Indeed a fishing theme wedding is an out-of-the-box idea and thus we were bank upon it to make it even the more special.

Digging into the resources offered by many web sites like and we went through a host of different ideas about our special theme and came upon our own special plan to make the event special and grand as well for each member who attended.

It is a theme wedding that has to be prepared outdoors with a blend of sophistication and wildness and thus give a taste of both the worlds of grandness and a touch of “Nature” to make everything look amazing. You can truly check this out for your own self or for your friends if you ever consider a theme wedding! To start with, you can give a spark by placing a wooden canoe in the reception hall altogether. Being surrounded with nature like grass, shrubs and flowers would make the theme come alive all around.

Willows are a great collection for this event giving in its beauty to the contrasting event. You can even design the invitation of guests in the form of a boat card and thus bring in a blend of the theme right from the beginning.

You must remember that fishing nets are a must in this theme wedding and you must have them placed amply well all around the reception so as to mark the theme in every corner, but care must be taken not to overdo it as it will mar the entire specialty of the decoration itself. Nice flowers, especially white, would adorn the entire decoration and you can place small oars all around and make a bounty use of woodwork and small pebbles all around so as to make the theme.

Truly a fishing theme can be a real twister to the monotonous themes and a break away idea to this special event for you. Try it out and like we have done it for my cousin, it will always remain unforgettable forever in sweet memories.

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