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Free Printables  Fairy Theme Weddings

  For a dreamer of different arts, a theme wedding is an ideal wedding idea for a lifetime to come ahead of them.

For a dreamer of different arts, a theme wedding is an ideal wedding idea for a lifetime to come ahead of them.

Like my friend who had gone through a lot of brainstorming sessions, a theme wedding is something that has always been his dream and thus when he was about to get married, we had to choose for a good idea!

Lucy is truly a girl who has fancied in a lot of ideas all her life and has a world of her own dreams and I must say that it indeed goes hand in hand with her intricate beauty.

What remained to we friends for decision was the idea that would suit her the most.

I came up with my idea and it was unanimously accepted by all. I had suggested the idea of a fairy theme wedding. Indeed by matching with her own inherent nature of a girl who lives in her own special world of fantasies and dreams, a fairy theme wedding was an apt one and thus all rejoiced upon the agreement of this plan and we plunged into the preparations and planning.

The wedding cards were in the shapes of a princess’s diary and I must tell you that it produced a spark in the hearts of all the invitation of guests who appreciated it a lot. I must tell you that such a great theme was being considered and we planned a lot of beautiful colored flowers like roses and lavenders and drapes of different shaped along with hanging vines and little white lights to keep the shimmering glitter everywhere. The entire idea to make the decorations and arrangements is the more magical and glamorous.

With flowing red and pink ribbons in white and cream colored drapes all around to give the beauty to every bit. The dinner tables would be decorated in pure white with a small candle to adorn the grace of the occasion and little princess handkerchiefs. The intricate lights mixed with the decorations give a great look to the theme. Fairy theme wedding is a great idea and thus it is something that you too would enjoy making the arrangements as well as every bit of the celebration to the fullest with this dreamy and fairy theme wedding.

Marry Norman,

New York


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