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Ideas for Beach Reception Theme Weddings

A beach reception is something that brings to the mind of every individual a thrill and excitement of every drop of the ocean.

The waves crashing on the shores and the white surf dancing upon the sand mingled with the cool breeze of the ocean, all brings to you the soul and heart of a vastness where you would just feel to get married to your sweetheart and unite in the bonds of togetherness forever.

Under the huge emptiness of the deep blue sky showing its reflection upon the bottomless ocean, you would also feel to get into the eternity of a pure relationship and be united to it for a lifetime.

While planning for the wedding of my brother, we were pondering over different ideas for the theme when I came upon this particular thought and we decided to choose the beach reception theme wedding for him and everyone were overjoyed with thrill and excitement over it right from the initiation.

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Let me tell you in detail about our experiences and you too would appreciate our adventures and the fun frenzy that we went about for. Upon hitting the idea of the beach reception theme wedding, we were sure of the idea but were short of the potential items that it will include and how to go about planning for it.

Thereby we turned our attention to the World Wide Web and the indeed the Internet provided us with a lot of options and ideas. We searched online for web sites like, and and came to know a wide range of facts and thus could plan our event with a lot of confidence. I must tell you to consult these places as well in order to understand your own specific requirements and what would fit your needs exactly and thus become much more confident while planning for such a wide event.

We planned our event in the open-air beach area. Prior permission had to be taken and all the rules and regulations about the security and the sanitation of the place had to be abided and then only we were allowed to host the occasion. The lace was decorated with drapes of pure white and with ribbons of pink and balloons as well. With small shrubs and plans and leaves and flower bouquets all delicately placed around in perfect harmony along with a lot of usage of seashells and designs using them. It was a perfect decoration matched with the open sea in front of us.

Live orchestra was playing great tunes and kept the hearts of the invitation of guests alive every moment. Indeed I can tell you that if you are planning a beach reception you can also plan a splash party where all the guests could jump in for a great fun frenzy in the beach among the waves. We did not plan it as the beach we choose was not suitable for swimming, but I assure you that if you are seeking fun to the fullest do make to incorporate it as a point in the schedule along with great but informal food, like drinks, snacks and fries mostly and if anybody desires provisions would also be there for formal meals.

Yes, the beach reception theme wedding can be a perfect one for you too like it was for my brother. However do make it a point to do all the arrangements and planning with some prior time in hand so as to make the event fully secured and full of fun only!


Centerpiece For Beach Theme Weddings

When you are looking for a centerpiece for beach theme wedding plans, you will find so many beautiful ideas. My granddaughter was being married in June and wanted to have a beach theme wedding with all the trimmings. We looked around at many different ideas, but decided to make our own from some of the ideas we had seen. Besides the centerpieces, we found designs for the invitation cards that when perfectly with the beach theme. One card actually gave us the idea for a centerpiece. For one table we had four sand candles with a beach chair and a person sitting under a palm tree.

On another table, we had little open aquariums with sand, some water and a beach chair with a sun umbrella with a little frog on the sand. The other centerpieces we made were filled with plants that are seen in sunny areas on beaches. These centerpieces were a big hit with the women. We were very happy with the compliments we received for being so original. The centerpieces were accented by the wedding favors we chose to place by the seats of the guests. The kids of course, received tin boxes with a beach scene and candy kisses inside.

The centerpiece for beach theme wedding plans was easy to make and set up. On the cake table, we placed seashells all around the cake to accent the theme of the cake. The wedding was beautiful and everyone showed up in beach attire, which added to the theme of the wedding. We were really excited about a theme wedding and wanted everything to be perfect and it was, right down to the tables and wedding favors as well as the tropical drinks. There are many ideas to choose from when planning any type of theme wedding.

Mirabel. M.

Beach Theme Wedding Favor Ideas

When I was helping plan my daughter's wedding, we had to find some beach theme wedding favor ideas. I thought it was going to be impossible, but there are so many ideas out there for wedding favors for just about any type of wedding theme. Since they found the cards to fix a beach theme, I had some idea about what we needed. The little candle pails with seashells, as the picture designs on the pail were very cute. There were also the flip-flop place card holders that were just adorable.

We had so much fun looking at the different types of beach wedding favors and narrowed our selection down to seashell bookmarkers, little wooden sailboats with a place for a picture of my son and future daughter-in-law as well as every table had a sand castle centerpiece, which was just beautiful. Then we had little wedding favors set out at the tables such as seashell appetizer picks and little mini lanterns. The designs were just beautiful and made the tables look so tropical that everyone was so impressed. The big centerpiece sand castles were given to the aunts and the other favors were given to everyone else.

 I am happy we were able to find so many favors, but we did have another idea that we tried as well. We took some empty seashell pails and fill them with chocolate candy kisses. The kids enjoyed these and I think they cleared all the tables off so they each had one. We did not spend much time on the wedding favors, which was also very nice. The engraving for most of the wedding favors is included right in the price, which I found to be very affordable as well.

Nora J. NJ

Beach Cake For Beach Theme Weddings

If you are like my daughter and want to have a beach wedding, you are going to want to find a beach cake for beach theme wedding ceremonies and receptions. I thought this was going to be a very hard thing to do, but I found some cake ideas and they were just amazing and beautiful. She had the cards designed with seashells and palm trees, so I decided a cake with the same would be wonderful. I looked at many pictures of cake designs and finally decided on a plain cake with tropical color frosting and I made seashells out of chocolate to decorate the cake. I then went to the hobby shop and found my little palm tress.

We picked a four tier square cake with one layer in a pale blue, one layer in a pale pink, one in pale lime green and one in a pale yellow. It was an all-tropical color cake. We then had bought some seashell cups, melted chocolate in them, and made the seashell in white, light brown and dark chocolate. We placed these seashells around the cake and it looked beautiful. Then we added the palm trees with a tine little beach chair one four sides of the cake. The topper was a couple with beach clothes on. It was just beautiful.

The list of beach cake for beach theme wedding ideas is endless. We used what we thought would be the perfect cake idea and it turned out beautifully. For the cake-cutting knife and server, we found a beautiful silver set with seashell handles to accent the cake. It was truly a special day and I am glad we went with our idea instead of another cake idea from pictures we had seen. The cards she received were just as beautiful and had the beach theme as well.

Barbara. S. CA

Our choice: Very elegant beach wedding cake

Find Here Unusual Flip Flop Wedding Invitation Design

You are planning beach wedding but don’t want the typical palm tree or sunset invitation. Why not go with a unique flip flop wedding invitation design? You can get the template in a variety of colors and even some with floral prints.

These are perfect invitations for destination weddings in Hawaii, Jamaica, or the Bahamas, US beaches or local lake and river beaches close to your home.  We have designs all of which you are free to use as is or adapt to suit your dream invitations.

Modern invitation etiquette allows you to word your invitations however you choose so long as it is respectful. Here is one example of wording used on a flip flop invitation:

Lenda Kay Keeley
Frank Phillip Thomson
invite you to share their joy
as they are married
on day, date, time
at XXX Inn
Indian Lake, New York

Some couples choose to take a more relaxed approach and have fun with their invitations. They use quotes from poems, movies, songs or even the bible to create an invitation that is uniquely theirs. For instance one couple had an invitation shaped like a pair of flip flops. On the left sandal they paraphrased the song “Tonight” from West Side Story:

Tonight – Tonight
Marcia Lynne Stern
We’ll join our love tonight
and for us stars will stop where they are
Joseph Henry Richmond
invite you to join them
as they are married
day, date, time
on the beach at XXX Hotel
Maui, Hawaii

Are you aware that you can save a considerable amount of money by making your own invitations? This is a cheap way of having invitations that suit your taste and wedding theme exactly since you choose the template, design and wording. You have exactly what you want and the pride in creating one of a kind invitations. Relax and enjoy yourselves as you print your wedding invitations using a unique flip flop wedding invitation design.