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Icontact Newsletter Review and Free HTML Email Samples

Icontact is the website of award winning email marketing. If you are looking for professional email marketing solutions, this is the best place to try.

They have been helping businesses to grow for many years already, offering unmatched services.

You no longer have to worry about writing a cover letter or an introductory letter to a company: with the help of Icontact you can do it easily and you can also be sure that what you write will be effective.

Incintact Email Main features:

Here you can find email templates, or use software, the Message Builder in order to create beautiful and useful emails, and even use the Message Coder, if you know HTML and follow the success rate of your emails. The templates that they offer are of all kinds. You can find templates that are suitable for personal emails, but also high quality email templates for professionals.

The email templates here are customizable, so you can simply add your own information and change a few things, add your logo and images, and send them. For more complex emails you can use the software, this way you can be sure that it will look even more pro. For those who have experience with coding, this website has various further options.

Icontact also knows how important social media can be. It makes a huge difference in your business if you actively participate in the life of social media websites. They can maximize your impact on such sites, so you have the chance to reach more people out there. Not only that you can publish posts directly on the most popular social media websites, but you can also track the results with iContact.

Using email templates on Icontact:

          Here you can select from hundreds of well designed email templates. You can be sure that no matter which one you choose, it will be a high quality, professional looking email template that you can easily customize. The many layouts include postcard email templates, multi-column formats and more. Each template can be customized, so if you have a logo or an image you want to add, you can do it very easily.

All templates that this website offers are inbox tested. This means that they will look great in the inbox of the customers. Another reason to trust iContact!

How to get started:

             Since iContact offers a free trial, you can start by signing up. Depending on what your needs are, you have several options to choose from. Most people start by selecting a template and customizing it. There are some featured email templates on the website that you can take a look at before signing up for the trial. You can use the templates as they are if you like them, which makes it possible to create an email in just a few minutes.

Another option you can start with it using the Message Builder. This is basically an easy to use program that will help you make your emails easily. It comes with a toolbar, where with just a click you can add images, margins, colors and more to the email. With a simple drag and drop action you can also move images and text around. You can use one of the hundreds of templates to customize. Thanks to this program your design will not only be professional looking, but you can also create them in no time.

If you know HTML code, you can even go further and create your own emails more freely. The Message Coder lets you work with tables, adjust spacing, borders, columns and more.

iContact offers a free trial for users who would like to improve their businesses. The prices of templates are around $30, but they can vary a great deal according to their type. You have further options depending on how long you want to use the services. A monthly fee is only $14 or up to $47 depending the services that you choose. There are some other plans as well, for example for $109 per month you can enjoy the best offers of iContact.

Business Email Marketing Campaign Template Samples:

Business Email Newsletter Template 1

Business Email Newsletter Template 2

Business Email Newsletter Template 3
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