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 Hunting Wedding Invitations & Party Kits

If you are a hunter, you might like to have a hunting theme wedding. We will help with ideas and free printatble downloads.

 During the arrangements for the wedding of my best friend, we were all absolutely consumed in our thoughts as to what would be the special theme for the wedding.

Looking around a lot of places and consulting many individuals we came across a lot of different innovative ones. However none seemed to suit our needs.

Then we thought about making the theme of something that would excite the thrill within each one who attends and our theme should be something that speaks of pure adventure.

You can thus be assured that we got what we needed the most – A great theme! Indeed it is the hunting theme wedding!

Really the idea in itself is a great one and thus stimulates the impulses within the mind as to an adventurous and exciting evening to celebrate this great occasion and celebration of life and togetherness! Looking at different web sites like and and many others we came about to fixing our own plans. We had a plan for each event; right from the invitations of guests to the wedding favors.

For the invitations we planned for small hunter’s notebooks or logs that contained the invitations and that gave the guests a taste of the theme from the initiation. We planned for the favors to be small packets looking like bags containing mini chocolates or candles shaped like guns and binoculars and gave the entire event s great completion.

You must be thinking why I have come to visit only the extremes of the occasion, it is not so, what I wanted to tell you is that the culmination as well as the end of the entire theme was a real success with out innovative ideas. We indeed used camouflaged printed materials to make the decorations look like a real hunting locale.

Flowers and ample use of leaves or ferns and long grass and artificial plants gave the atmosphere an adventurous look along with the intricate lighting. The great atmosphere was clubbed with suiting music and thus helped in uplifting the mood of each guests.

With scattered centerpieces of guns and barrels and a wedding cake in the shape of a hunting riffle …it all added to the great theme, I assure you! I must tell you that the hunting theme wedding is truly a great idea, you must give it a try and I assure you that you would have a great fun!

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