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How to Write Wedding Invitations

If you can’t find a verse that suits your theme. Why not create a verse of your own to honor what you and your groom mean to each other?

 You are probably thinking “I don’t know how to write wedding invitation wording.” It really isn’t hard at all. Before we discuss the actual writing of your invitations, let’s talk about what must be included.

First who is hosting the affair. Then the invitation to the wedding of the bride and groom. Next when and where the affair will occur.

The way you put all of this together is what will make your custom invitation stand apart from all others. Make the verse coordinate with the theme and design. Here at the 2N site you ill find a number of wording samples.

Wedding Reception Invitation Card Wording Text Idea

You have chosen your wedding invitation design and now are looking for wedding reception invitation card wording text idea. This is especially important if you will be inviting folks to the reception but not the ceremony. Maybe you are getting married out of town or perhaps the ceremony site is too small to accommodate all of your friends and family. Whatever the reason we have some tips and ideas to help.

As with the wedding invitation itself the name or names of those hosting appears first. For example:

Mr. and Mrs. William Smith
Request the pleasure of your company
at a wedding reception for our daughter
Cecilia Louise Smith
Charles Howard Lane
on day, date
city and state.

If you will include the reception card in the wedding invitation envelope your wording is much simpler:

Reception dinner
at time
city and state

You may want to include directions from the wedding site to the reception.

Some brides choose to add the reception information to the wedding invite:

reception immediately following
at venue
city, state

Most couples include a response card like this:

accept_____ regret_____
prime rib (number)
chicken picatta (number)

Modern etiquette allows a lot of freedom in how you word your reception invites. An African-American couple used this creative example:

In tribute to our ancestors
we will have a
“jumping the broom” ceremony
at the reception
accept_______ regret_______

If you are making your own invitations it is cheap and easy to make the reception cards yourself.

If you were married out of town, your reception information might read like this:

We Janice Lee Hammond
Bart Hammond
were married on the beach
at Oahu
pleas celebrate with us
at a reception
time, day, date
venuestreet address
city, state and zip code

We are sure that with a little time spent looking at invitations you can find the perfect wedding reception invitation wording text idea for your situation.

Find Here Wedding Invitation Wording Examples for Wedding Reception

Bridget Mahon
Patrick Murphy
together with our parents
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mahon
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Murphy
invite you to share our joy
when we exchange our vows
at St. John’s Episcopal Church
Reception at the Lakeside Inn
Anytown, USA

If the bride’s parents are divorced and the wedding is being hosted by the parent who raised her the invitation would read something like this:

Mr. Joseph Downing
Requests the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of his daughter
Susan Elizabeth Downing
William Donald Smith

Native and African American couples are moving more and more towards ethnic and tribal style weddings and invitations. This is an wedding invitation wording example for a traditional African American broom jumping ceremony.

Alysha Cummings
Robert Johnson
invite you to join us and witness our commitment to each other as we jump the broom into the land of holy matrimony
on Saturday the 15th of May
at 5:00 in the evening
at the Palace Hotel
Any Street, Your town


Native American traditional tribal weddings do not normally issue invitations, however some couples do and some send announcements after the ceremony. When they do this the stationary usually bears native designs such as feathers, buffalo dream catchers and other tribal symbols.

When a divorced parent and step parent are hosting a wedding the invitation is normally worded like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ramirez
request the honor of your company at the marriage of Mrs. Ramirez’s daughter
Angela Vasquez
George Salazar

Another trend we are seeing is adult children hosting the wedding of their divorced or widowed parents.

The children of Helen Avery
request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their mother
Helen Marie Avery
Jonathon Henry Williams

At you can find templates and ideas to add unique wedding invitation wording examples to your handmade invitation.


Ms. Kathy Williams
requests your companyat the marriage of her son
James Williams
Stacy Henderson
date and time

A friend of mine is raising her grandchildren. When her granddaughter Cheryl got engaged, Sue and her husband Tommy hosted the wedding. The invitations read:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dillon
request the honor of your companyat the wedding of their granddaughter
Cheryl McCarthy
Robert J. Whitehead

Sue and Cheryl found this site and used it to create unique discount wedding invitations. They purchased one of the wedding invitation kits so popular now.