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Easy Instructions How to Make Princess or Prince Crown

If you want to make a jubilee princess crown and not sure how to do this, read following tutorial which will lead you through step by step instruction.


-a template for a crown or a tiara
-different color glitter for decoration
-a stapler


1.    Download the template for the crown and print it out.

2.    Cut two templates on the outside, join them together with a stapler.

3.    Start with decorating. You can decorate the crown anyway you like. You could cover the whole crown with glitter and put some gemstones in front part of the crown. If you want to make a tiara the procedure is the same.

How to make princess crown sugar cookies


-basic sugar cookies recipe out of which you will make dough for the cookies
-crown cutter
-fondant or modeling chocolate
-jam or jelly
-paint brush
-lustre dust
-edible sugar pearls


1.    Roll the dough on the table and cut the cookies with a crown cutter. Place them on the baking paper and bake them for 7-10 minutes. When the edges of the cookies are slightly brown the cookies are done. Place them on the rack to cool.

2.    Take some fondant or modeling chocolate in pink color and with a crown cutter cut crown shapes.

3.    Put some sticky thing like jam or jelly on the cookies with a paint brush and place the fondant on the cookies.

4.    Take the lustre dust and put it on the fondant with a paint brush.

5.    Put some edible sugar pearls on each tip of the crown and under each pearl put little hearts made of pink fondant. In the middle of the crown put a bigger fondant heart and on the both sides of that heart put smaller hearts. Or you can decorate the cookies anyway you like.

How To Make Princess Tiara from Gumpaste

If you want to make a lovely princess tiara out of gumpaste read following instructions:


-a template for tiara
-a jar
-edible glue
-a brush


1.    Make round stripes out of gumpaste.

2.    Place the stripes on the lines of tiara that are drawn on the template attaching the stripes with edible glue or water.

3.    When you have put all the pieces of the gumpaste on the template put it on the jar and let it dry for 36-48 hours.

4.    Then take tiara from the template. Air brush it with gold and decorate the tiara with a gemstones made of gumpaste. Use the gemstone mold and place a piece of gumpaste in it.

5.    Take them out and let them dry.

6.    Air brush them in pearl metallic color. Attach the gemstones on tiara with glue, let them dry and the tiara is ready to use on the cake.

How to make a king's / prince crown for your little guy


-a foil paper
-silver ribbon


1.    Take the foil paper strip and cut it in the rectangle shape at desired measure.

2.    Glue one end of the strip and attach it to another end to form a circle.

3.    Cut off the triangle of the circle on the top of the crown.

4.    Place the coins below each peak of the crown with glue.

5.    Glue the bottom of the crown and attach the silver ribbon. The king’s crown is now finished.

We truly hope that these instructions will help you create a beautiful crown for your princess or prince!