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Step by Step Instructions How to Make Paper Dolls

Paper dolls are loved by kids and their moms as well :-)

It is fairly easy to dress a paper doll  and you won’t need too many things either. Dress them together with your kid: it will be a fun and creative time together.

You can also make them as personal gifts to friends and kids. You can be very creative when you do this, and feel free to follow your imagination.

If you have colored paper scraps, beads, buttons, dried flowers or anything of the kind, they will be perfect for decorating the paper dolls.

Feel free to use our paper doll templates.They are unique and made by our artist just for you!

In the case you want to make your own here are the:

a. Step by Step Instructions

1. Get some colored paper and some white paper.

2. You will also need a pair of scissors, scrapbook embellishments and stickers, an inkjet printer, and some colored pencils.

3. Use our templates or look on the Internet for web pages that have paper doll designs. There are many that offer these both for kids and for crafters as well.

4. You can print the dolls on white paper, but it is easier to print their clothes and accessories on colored paper. This way you don’t have to color them by hand.

5. Choose a paper doll design that you like and print it on color paper. The doll should be printed on white paper, and the clothes on colored paper of your choice. Each outfit can be printed on a different colored paper.

6. If the paper doll and the dresses are on the same page, just print them several times until you have all the colors you need.

7. Color the paper doll with the colored pencils. Choose light colors so you can see the details on the face and body of the paper doll.

8. When you are done with this, cut out each piece of clothing and set them aside.

9. Be careful when you cut out the clothes and accessories that you don’t cut off the tabs. These are important because they are needed to attach the clothes to the doll later.

10. Using different colored papers is also a great idea because you can create various outfits from the same design.

11. You can use stickers and other embellishments to decorate the outfits.

Download Paper Doll Templates