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How to Create Business Card Layout in Photoshop

Tutorial for Making Business Card Design in PS

Use this videos to learn how to layout and design your business card in Photoshop.

If you follow the instructions found in this tutorial you will be able to create your own card and many times it is indeed the best way to go.

You know your business the best inside out and you are definitely the best person to design your logo, stationary and business card.

There is no need to be intimidated by Photoshop. Some things are very simple to achieve.

1. You have to start a new document in Photoshop.

To do this, open the program and click on File and then New.

2. A window will pop up where you can specify the size of the card.

For a standard size card write 3.5 x 2 inches into the box. For the resolution choose 300 dpi

3.    Use the rulers on the edges of the document to create the borders of the card.

This way you can create lines such as bleed lines for safety. You can create cut lines for the place where the card will be cut out.

4.    Do these on all edges.

Now you have the safe area.

5.    Look for a downloadable business card template on the Internet that you can use.

This will help you a great deal and it will give you many options, since the web is full of such templates. Download the one you like and open it with Photoshop.

6.    You will have two windows open in the program now.

You can copy and paste the layers from the card into the first page that you started with, thus creating your own design.

7.    Adjust the designs to the lines that you created.

You can move the layers around and change their size. Remember where the safe areas are on the card and don’t forget about the cut lines. You can also start editing the text. Keep them in the safe area.

8.    Once you are done, got to Layers and choose Flatten Image.

9.    Go to Image, Adjustments and choose Image size and Resolution.

The size should be 300 dpi. This makes sure that it won’t be pixelated.

Watch this video for detailed instructions:


We hope that this step-by step procedure and video were helpful....